Alright, I was thinking to myself. "I want to make a good dark deck" the other day, but I didn't want to make a Dark Armed Dragon deck for a few reasons. So I decided to build a deck around a Dark Counterpart monster that isn't very widely used. I decided to make a Dark Horus deck, which, is obviously made so I can special summon Level 4 dark monsters from the graveyard by activating Quick play Magic cards during my opponents main phase (preferably second). The main idea here is to Discard monsters with Snipe Hunter and Dark Crusader, to revive when my opponent(or I) activate a magic card with Dark Horus, and then have Shadow Delver allow them to attack directly. Thing is, I tend not to Draw Horus for quite some time, so that's why I'm here.

Monsters Lv 1~4(17):

3 Shadow Delver

3 Dark Crusader

2 Newdoria

1 Snipe Hunter

1 Drillago

1 Obsidian Dragon

1 Renge, Gatekeeper of the Dark World

1 Wall of Illusion

1 Fear from the Dark

1 Opticlops

1 Dark Blade

1 Gambler of Legend

Monsters Lv 5+(3):

3 Dark Horus


2 Rush Recklessly

1 Fires of Doomsday

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 Sebek's Blessing

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Heavy Storm

1 Reload

1 Chain Summoning

1 Poison of the Old Man

1 Unleash your Power

1 Card of Safe Return

1 Ectoplasmer

1 Monster Reborn

1 Premature Burial


1 Sakuretsu Armor

1 Magic Cylinder

1 Negate Attack

1 Draining Shield

1 Compulsory Evacuation Device

Are there any cards you suggest that I can add so maybe I get Horus a bit quicker? 18:56, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

My instinct reaction is to add Armageddon Knight and Monster Reincarnation. . .

But thats just how I roll :)Lostconfound19 19:17, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

You might also want a Dark Grepher. . . They're both just helpful searchers if you have a way to get a monster from the graveyard. . .

It might seem a simple suggestion, but why not add in a couple Foolish Burials? you can foolishly bury your Horus and then Special Summon it out with something else - perhaps you could put in (even though it's not DARK), The Creator. The Dark Creator isn't so good, so always choose the original over it. Card of Safe Return was definitely a good choice, as you can get rewarded for using Horus' effect, and also why not try Ultimate Offering? It allows you to get Shadow Delver's effect straight away, for a small cost of 500 LP... Instead of Poison of the Old Man, you could consider Spell Absorption, as the whole idea of Horus is to be using spells, therefore muchus lifus would come your way ^^. Magical Mallet is better than Reload, so I'd say swap them round, and I would say instead of Opticlops or Dark Blade, get a Giant Orc in there - 2200 direct damage is better than 1800! I'm not too keen on Rush Recklessly, but it can be useful. I'd consider taking at least one out, and maybe adding in something for deck search - say a Mystic Tomato or two? These can quickly get out Shadow Delver =] There you go, hope this helps! (I've been looking for Dark Horus for ages, and my brothers's mate has it but won't trade me it x] It's such a good card!)

Corrie. Corrie1 15:35, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

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