Updated Cyber Dragon Deck for March 2011.....great for OTK but not really fast enough, how could i make it faster???

Cyber dragon deck 2011

Use Cyber Eltanins instead of Blue Falcon and Cyber Phoenix. It is basically another Overload fusion, except it clears the field of things that can stop Chimeratech Overdragon's attack, like Shooting Star Dragon, and can make OTKs easier if you're lacking the right cards to get rid of dandy tokens or monsters that cannot be killed in battle so that you can pull one off. I also run 3 evolution bursts to make sure I can pull off my big hits, and with 9 cards that can allow you to use it, you can at least put 1 or 2 to use. Also, a deck that relies on OTKing can afford paying half their life points for Solemn Judgment, as you need 1 critical moment to win. With that said, I'd replace seven tools with that, and the two Ground Smashes with Evolution Bursts. Running a 3rd like me is purely optional, but I really like a clear field and at least side them for decks that destroy ours, like Gravekeepers and Zombies. I also run 1 compulsory over torrential, as Shooting Star is VERY popular where I play, and it is another way to get rid of it and any other synchro/fusion/nomi monsters that have self-protection, or set nuisances like Ryko (and lets face it, if you pull off the OTK, you won't see it again anyways for the -1 to matter). Last but not least, you can also run 3 reckless greeds to speed up and Gorz to buy time if you want other options. Hope this helps! ~WolfJounin

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