This is my Beatdown Deck. Rate it and see if you can fix it etc.


Beatdown Deck

Honestly... I'm not even sure this qualifies as a beat down deck... It sorta seems like a random assortment of cards with no real strategy other than half disrupting the enemy and half burning. It's kinda anything BUT beatdown. Beat down requires large attack and low stars. It needs cards that sweep the field so that your monsters maintain control. And how on earth are you running two Monster reborn, two heavy storm, and two MST? They're banned. If you run traditional (which I also do) it's still limited.

You need to focus on high atk to level ratio cards, particularly at the 4th level. Add some high level trump cards, and focus the rest of the deck on clearing your opponent's field and their ability to slow you down. Hit them hard and fast. 1900 or higher 4 star beat sticks pounding away at them and using your traps to protect yourself. Vampiremessiah51 14:54, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

I don't think you understand my Deck the way I see it >.< Who said I was playing in Tournaments anyway? and I have Burn in their so I can destroy my Opponent Quickly. Plus I have lots of Strong Low levels and some with good effects. Then theirs the Calculator which will get up Attack really easily. Plus theirs The Red eyes series and Armed Dragon series which can get out really quickly. I have lots of cards that get rid of the field as well. Like CED, Trap Hole, Torriential Tribue, Dark Hole, Fissure, Nobleman of Crossout, Snatch Steal, Time Wizard, Dark Dust Spirit. Then theirs Man Eater Bug and Old Vindictive Magician which get rid of one monster.


you should decide on what type of beat down you want to build, i reccomend a koaki meiru as it's both beatdowm and anti-meta, other options are gemini and ancient gear

   Interkaiser 02:20, May 8, 2010 (UTC)interkaiser

banistar, u do not run beat down.throw in some warwolfs and vorse raiders. if u want to have effect monster cards, u should call it something else. beatdown is not the word for this. i agree with the vampire--Bwinggale 18:36, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

I agree, beatdown is not the correct word for your deck. It's part burn, part control, and minor beatdown. I'd call it a "Beginner deck" And make sure you follow the banned and limited lists. even in traditional you can't have unlimited copies of everything, particularly Monster Reborn, MST and Heavy Storm. Thorn of RosenYubel 19:44, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

Ok then can someone give me a name for this Deck? Not "Beginner Deck" because that makes my deck sound crap. So yeah its not a Beatdown or anything deck anymore its just a Deck. So could you give me some good cards to put in or take out? and if you have time make two Deck lists, one for Banned/Limited lists and one for not (except you can't have more then 3 of a card)


I think there's one person generous enough to post decklists for people on their deck help threads, though your deck has no real theme. There's also the "decks for free" thread you could try, but that has a long waiting list. My advice would be to look at the Forbidden & Limited Lists (WC08-VG) and at other player's decklists and see how they work, and try to emulate their focus.

Cobbled-together decks with no real archtype/type support/focus aren't that good except for beginners versing other beginners or those with very limited card collections (like myself, I use YVD for my decks instead of my collection though, which allows me to build good decks with any card ever made) Thorn of RosenYubel 13:27, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

  • I'm sorry...I am not impressed <.<. You use a lot of cards that are not allowed in duels with almost anyone you face. I recommend using Goblin atk force and similar atk cards with skill drain to kill out all your opponents effects and negate your own effects. Then, maybe stick in a couple Robbin Zombies and Robbin Goblins for when you inflict dmg. Trap holes and Bottomless Trap Holes are good. Royal Decree is great for killing trap strategies. Monarchs are good for field control and are high level monsters that would help with calc. However, if you're gonna use Calc, use a light themed deck with honest. If you want LP burn with Beatdown try a Fire themed deck with BB Kid and DNA Transplant. That becomes epic Beatdown. Tutela 17:09, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

I gave up on this deck yesterday so yeah I know it sucks

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