Just started playing again, and found my old deck. It wasn't the greatest but I looked over it and took out and add'd cards that I thought would fit. For the most part its a dragon deck(with some cards that aren't) that focus on field control and help you limit what your opponent can play and summon.

If there's cards you think I should add or take out, feel free to sayy, I'm always trying to improve my deck!

Card list

Deck List

My side deck is made up of:


The whole point of this deck is to try control everything that happens on the field, while easily being able to get out strong monsters.

Horus: When you get lv8 out, you can prevent your opponent from activating any spell cards.

Armed Dragon: With lv5 or lv7 on the field, you can take out any face up cards your opponent has on the field, considering you have a monster with high atk in your hand.

Dark Armed dragon: Its just in there because theres a decent amount of dark type monsters in the deck, and when played, seems easy to get out. I switch this card out with Lv10 when I want to use him.

Red-Eyes:He has high atk, he allows you to bring one dragon card from your graveyard and put it on the field per turn, and can get out on the first turn, if you have another dragon card in your hand.

Prime Material: He's a backup to make sure your opponent doesn't activate a magic or trap that can take out one of your cards.

Other cards in there like Mobius and Breaker can also destroy an annoying spell/trap that might get in your way.

Aside from magic/trap control, there's cards that can destroy monsters, retrieve cards from your deck, draw cards, remove cards from play, and attack your opponent directly. With the right cards you can have a set field in a turn or too.

I know I'm probly missing alot of decent cards I could put into it, but thats why I want to see what everyone else thinks, so goo :D

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