Force of Four
  • Japanese: フォース・オブ・フォー
  • Romaji: Fōsu obu Fō
Card type

Spell SPELL.svg


Continuous.svg Continuous

Effect type

When this card is activated, if a player(s) has more than 4 cards in their hand, they must send cards to the Graveyard until there are 4 cards in their hand. While either player has 4 cards in their hand, if an effect would add a new card(s) from their Deck or Graveyard to their hand, [Unknown text; they must send all those cards to the Graveyard instead ?].

Anime cards (Galleries: GX)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese フォース・オブ・フォー このカードが発動した時、お互いのプレイヤーは手札が4枚以上ある場合手札を4枚にするようにカードを墓地に送る。お互いのプレーヤは手札4枚ある時に、新たにデッキ及び墓地からカードを手札に加える効果、[???]。
Fōsu obu Fō


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