"Force" (~ものようへいたい~mono Yōheibutai), known as "Mercenary Force" in the OCG, is a series of Level 4 Warrior-Type Effect Monsters with DEF 1000 and different Attributes. They debuted in Dark Beginning 2 with their first member, "Exiled Force". Later in the Galactic Overlord and Abyss Rising sets, new members were introduced. The series focuses on Tributing themselves to gain advantage.

Their history begin after the events of "Royal Oppression" and "Royal Prison". They travelled to various places and collected several new items and weapons, including: "Giga Gagagigo's" armor, "Draining Shield", "Emergency Provisions", "Pestilence", "Cursed Armaments", "Cursed Bill" and "Axe of Fools".

It should be noted that the number of the members has decreased after the use of such bad equipments, from over 10 in "Exiled Force" to only 4 in "Missing Force".

Recommended Cards