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From left to right: "Forbidden Chalice", "Forbidden Lance", "Forbidden Dress" and "Forbidden Scripture".

  • きんじられた
  • 禁じられた (base)
  • きんじられた (ruby)
  • Kinjirareta (romanized)


  • 被禁止的
  • Bèijìnzhǐ de (pinyin)
  • Bei6 gam3 zi2 dik1 (jyutping)


  • Interdit
  • Interdite


  • Verbotene
  • Verbotener


  • Proibito
  • Proibita


  • 금지된
  • 禁止? (Hanja)
  • Geumjidoen (romanized)


  • Proibido
  • Proibida


  • Prohibido
  • Prohibida


Manga appearances

"Forbidden" (きんじられた Kinjirareta) is a series of Quick-Play Spell Cards sharing similar artworks and effects. Their artworks all feature a white-clothed woman holding various items, in a place that appears to be "The Sanctuary in the Sky". The first member of the series ("Forbidden Chalice") was released in Raging Battle, then more members came in the Storm of Ragnarok, Abyss Rising and Primal Origin sets.

All the "Forbidden" cards focus on manipulating monsters' ATK (or, in the case of "Forbidden Scripture", ignoring changes in ATK and DEF during battles) and card effects, either by granting monsters immunity or by negating their effects.

The woman featured in each card's artwork may represent Pandora of Greek mythology. She later appears as the Effect Monster "Condemned Maiden", implying that she was punished for using the four items, as seen in "Solemn Scolding". The artwork of "Forbidden Scripture" further hints that these items are truly owned by the old man featured in "Solemn Judgment" (identified as God in the Trap's Japanese name). The effect of "Condemned Maiden" makes using Quick-Play Spell Cards like the "Forbidden" series easier, but only once per Duel.


Despite the Greek theme and appearance of each of the cards' artwork, the inspiration behind the series appears to have come from the 4 most notable holy relics of Christianity.


Forbidden Origin
Chalice Holy Grail
Dress Seamless robe of Jesus
Lance Holy Lance (Longinus)
Scripture Holy Bible

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