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Flip Effect Monster


Japanese (kanji and furigana)

リバース((こう)()モンスター)[Notes 1]

Japanese (furigana)



Ribāsu (Kōka Monsutā)

Japanese translated

Reverse (Effect Monster)


Flip (Effect Monster)


Flip Effect Monsters (Japanese: リバース(こう)()モンスター Ribāsu Kōka Monsutā "Reverse Effect Monster") are Effect Monsters that have a Flip Effect.

While some Flip Effect Monsters have effects other than their Flip Effect, any monster with a Flip Effect is a Flip Effect Monster.

They are generally a low Level; so far, only 6 Flip Effect Monsters are Level 5 or higher ("Hade-Hane", "Nobleman-Eater Bug", "Reaper of the Cards", "Shaddoll Beast", "Worm Noble" and "Worm Victory"). Many Flip Effect Monsters have low ATK and DEF, but have very useful effects.

Flip Effects

A Flip Effect is an effect that is preceded by "FLIP:", which of Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown" is also included next to the monster's Type in the same manner as "Toon" or "Union". This kind of effect is triggered when the monster on the field is fliped from face-down to a face-up, even during the Damage Step.

Flip Effects are different to Trigger Effects with the timing "when this card is flipped face-up" (unofficially called Pseudo-Flip Effects), such as that of "Snowman Eater".

When a face-down Flip Effect Monster is attacked, during damage calculation the monster is flipped face-up, then it is determined whether or not the monster is destroyed by battle. Near the end of the Damage Step, before being sent to the Graveyard if it was destroyed by battle, the Flip Effect Monster's Flip Effect activates and resolves on the field, if the timing is correct.

However, if a card effect destroys a face-down Flip Effect Monster, its Flip Effect cannot be activated since it is not flipped face-up. If a face-down Flip Effect Monster is destroyed by a card effect before it battles (so it is never flipped face-up), such as by "Ancient Gear Beast", its Flip Effect cannot be activated.




  • The "Worm" and "Shaddoll" archetypes are primarily based on Flip Effect Monsters.
  • "Worm Victory" has the highest Level and DEF of all Flip Effect Monsters. "Slate Warrior" has the highest ATK of all Flip Effect Monsters.


  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown on the cards' Type/Ability line.

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