Fit of Rage
  • Japanese: 癇癪玉
  • Kana: かんしゃくだま
  • Romaji: Kanshakudama
Card type



Equip[note 1]

Activate when you have taken a Direct Attack. Increases ATK by the same amount of damage you've taken. At each turn's End Phase, this amount is decreased by half.

Viz Media lore?: Activate only during your opponent's Battle Phase, and only if an opponent's monster has inflicted Battle Damage to your Life Points from a Direct Attack in this turn. The equipped monster gains ATK equal to the total Battle Damage that has been inflicted to your Life Points in this turn from Direct Attacks. At each turn's End Phase, this amount is decreased by half.

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese かんしゃくだま プレイヤーがダイレクトアタックを受けた時に発動。受けたダメージと同じだけ攻撃力が上がる。毎ターンエンド時にこの数値は半減する



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  1. This card was depicted as a Normal Trap Card in the English translation. In the original, this card was an Equip Trap Card.

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