Fiend's Hand
  • Japanese: 死者の腕
  • Romaji: Shisha no Ude
  • Translated: Arms of the Dead
DBT title screen




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600 / 600

A hand comes forth from the swamp of chaos and drags the living back with it.

Other languages

Name Lore
French Main de démon Bras qui surgissent du Marais du Chaos pour entraîner les imprudents.
German Des Bösen Hand Arme, die aus dem Sumpf des Chaos ragen und Ahnungslose in ihr Verderben ziehen.
Italian Mano del Demone Braccia che fuoriescono dalla Palude del Caos per trascinare con sé gli ignari nemici.
Spanish La mano de adicto Brazos que surgen del Pantano del Caos para arrastrar a los desprevenidos.

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