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Fiends (あく Akuma "Demon") are a monster Type consisting of cards resembling demons and devils, as well as many other vile, twisted beasts or mischievous beings. Fiends are almost exclusively DARK-Attribute, as there are hundreds of DARK Fiends but only a few of other Attributes. Fiends are one of the most established and powerful Types. As such, there is no specific theme around them and their play style, although the majority focus on offensive tactics and destroying the opponent's cards, as well as pressuring the opponent and pushing them into corners with lockdown effects, banishing effects, and so on (on that note, Fiends are the second-highest Type to use banishing effects, after the Warrior-Type).

Fiends are most notably used by PaniK, Yami Bakura, and Declan Akaba. Some of both Yugi Muto and Jack Atlas's most well known monsters are Fiends, and Sylvio Sawatari's final deck is made up of Fiends. Otherwise, Fiends are generally cards used by small antagonistic characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! media.

Fiend-Type monsters have their own Structure Deck, Structure Deck: Devil's Gate in the OCG and Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck in the TCG, focusing on the "Dark World" monsters.

Fiend archetypes and series include "Archfiend", "Dark World", "Evil HERO", "Djinn of Rituals", "Fabled", "Steelswarm", "Wicked God", "Resonator", "Crashbug", "D/D", "Infernoid", "Magibullet", "Dark Lucius" and "Abyss Actor".


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