The Field Searchers are a series of Level 4 monsters which have the ability to search a certain Field Spell Card for their archetype, Attribute or Type.

They all can discard themselves to add their corresponding Field Spell Card from the player's Deck to their hand. Field Searchers with an original ATK of 2100 have an effect that destroy themselves if their corresponding Field Spell Card is not active.

They were all released in Force of the Breaker (except "Neo Space Pathfinder" and "Glife the Phantom Bird").


Card Support
Monster Spell
Archfiend General Pandemonium Archfiend
Destroyersaurus Jurassic World Dinosaur
Elemental HERO Captain Gold Skyscraper Elemental HERO
Glife the Phantom Bird Golden Castle of Stromberg Fairy Tale
Gravekeeper's Commandant Necrovalley Gravekeeper's
Harpie Queen Harpies' Hunting Ground Harpie
Neo Space Pathfinder Neo Space Neos
Warrior of Atlantis A Legendary Ocean Umi
Zeradias, Herald of Heaven The Sanctuary in the Sky Fairy