Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand

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Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
Flag of the United Kingdom English Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand
Flag of France French Chevalier Divin Grand Dragon d'Or
Flag of Germany German Himmlischer Drachenritter Fellgrant
Flag of Italy Italian Cavaliere Divino Glorioso Drago d'Oro
Flag of South Korea Korean 신룡기사 펠그란트
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Felgrand, o Divino Caveleiro Dragão
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) しんりゅうきしフェルグラント
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 神竜騎士フェルグラント
Flag of Japan Phonetic Shinryūkishi Feruguranto
Types Warrior/Xyz/Effect
Rank 8 Rank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank StarRank Star
ATK/DEF 2800/1800
Card Number 01639384
Materials 2 Level 8 monsters
Card effect types Quick
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