Feather Shot

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Feather Shot
English Feather Shot
French (Français) Lancer de Plumes
German (Deutsch) Federschuss
Italian (Italiano) Colpo di Piuma
Portuguese (Português) Tiro de Penas
Spanish (Español) Tiro de Pluma
Japanese (日本語) フェザー・ショット
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Fezā Shotto
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Normal Normal
Card Number 19394153
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TCG/OCG statuses
OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited 
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Facts about Feather ShotRDF feed
ActionsNo Entry +
Anti-supportNo Entry +
Arabic nameضربة الريش +
Archetype supportNo Entry +
ArchseriesNo Entry +
Archseries relatedElemental HERO +
AttackAllows multiple attacks +, Prevents your monsters from attacking + and Cannot attack directly +
AttributeSpell +
Attribute TextSpell +
Card ImageFeatherShot-LCGX-EN-R-1E +
Card Image TextFeatherShot-LCGX-EN-R-1E.png +
Card Number19394153 +
Card typeSpell Card + and Normal Spell Card +
Card type TextSpell Card + and Normal Spell Card +
Class 1Official +
Class 2Anime +
Class 4VG +
CountersNo Entry +
Croatian namePernati Pucanj +
English anime loreSelect 1 face-up "[[Elemental HERO Select 1 face-up "Elemental HERO Avian" you control to activate this card. This turn, the selected card can attack as many times as the number of monster(s) you control when this card resolves. Your other monsters cannot attack this turn. ur other monsters cannot attack this turn.
English database ID6,491 +
English nameFeather Shot +
English name (linked)Feather Shot +
French database ID6,491 +
French loreCiblez 1 face recto "Avian, HÉROS Élémenta Ciblez 1 face recto "Avian, HÉROS Élémentaire" que vous contrôlez; durant ce tour, ce cible peut attaquer un certain nombre de fois égal au nombre de monstres que vous contrôlez lorsque cette carte est activée, mais ne peut pas attaquer directement, et autres monstres que vous contrôlez ne peuvent pas attaquer ce tour. contrôlez ne peuvent pas attaquer ce tour.
French nameLancer de Plumes +
Fusion Material forNo Entry +
German database ID6,491 +
German nameFederschuss +
Greek nameΕκτόξευση Φτερών +
Italian database ID6,491 +
Italian nameColpo di Piuma +
Japanese database ID6,491 +
Japanese kana nameフェザー・ショット +
Japanese nameフェザー・ショット +
Life PointsNo Entry +
LoreTarget 1 face-up "[[Elemental HERO Target 1 face-up "Elemental HERO Avian" you control; during this turn, that target can attack a number of times equal to the number of monsters you control when this card resolves, but cannot attack directly, and other monsters you control cannot attack this turn. sters you control cannot attack this turn.
MediumWC6 +, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX +, TCG + and OCG +
MiscNo Entry +
MonsterSpellTrapNo Entry +
Monster typeNo Entry +
Monster type TextNo Entry +
OCG StatusUnlimited +
Page nameFeather Shot +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameFezā Shotto +
Portuguese nameTiro de Penas +
RFPNo Entry +
Romaji nameFezā Shotto +
Ruby Japanese nameフェザー・ショット
S/T ClassNormal Spell Card +
Spanish database ID6,491 +
Spanish nameTiro de Pluma +
StatsNo Entry +
SummoningNo Entry +
SupportElemental HERO Avian +
Synchro Material forNo Entry +
TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
TypesNormal +
WC6 StatusUnlimited +
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode appearances015 +, 034 +, 072 +, 074 +, 146 + and 147 +
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode appearances (linked)015 +, 034 +, 072 +, 074 +, 146 + and 147 +

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