Fairy Tale is an anime-exclusive series of monsters and Spells used by Leon von Schroeder in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Growing up alone without his big brother, Zigfried to play with, Leon grew up loving two things, Duel Monsters and fairy tales. He then wrote a letter to Maximillion Pegasus, asking him to make a series of cards based on the stories he loved to read. Pegasus granted his wish and made for him the Fairy Tale series, which became his main Deck. He then used this Deck to participate in many tournaments he won, including the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship.


The series is based off of actual fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Card Fairy Tale
Thorn Princess Sleeping Beauty
100-Year Awakening
Curse of Thorns
Spinning Wheel Spindle
Cinderella Cinderella
Glass Slippers
Pumpkin Carriage
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
Forest Hunter
Forest Wolf
Iron Hans Iron John
Iron Knight
Iron Cage
Tom Thumb Tom Thumb
Giant's Training
Gingerbread House Hansel and Gretel
Glife the Phantom Bird The Griffin
Gold Moon Coin The Star Money
Golden Castle of Stromberg The Raven
Hexe Trude Mother Trudy
Seven Kid Goats The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
Water of Life The Water of Life

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