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FIRE ((ほのお) Honō "Flame") is an Attribute commonly associated with Pyro, Dragon, Dinosaur and Machine-Type monsters, though it is not uncommon in other Types such as Warrior or even Beast. FIRE is diametrically opposed to WATER, but there is no direct advantage outside some of the video games (however this idea also appears in the effects of some cards like "Frost and Flame Dragon", "Elemental HERO Inferno, "Star Boy" or "Little Chimera").

FIRE monsters tend to focus on inflicting effect damage on the opponent's Life Points and stacking up in ATK points when on the field together, along with the appropriate lockdown cards like "Gravity Bind" and "Level Limit - Area B" to protect the monsters. This makes most FIRE Monsters associated with Burn Decks. In recent years, a trend among FIRE monsters is that many of them have 200 DEF.

Recent FIRE archetypes are also fast and combo-oriented, and while they are slow at the start, they tend to build-up for huge plays that often result in One Turn Kills. They also tend to use some Anti-Meta strategies, like Graveyard manipulation, banishing and negating effects.

Archetypes include:"Volcanic", "Flamvell", "Laval", "Jurrac", "Evol", "Horus the Black Flame Dragon", "Fire Fist", "Hazy", "Fire King", "Guts Master", "Battlin' Boxer", "Infernoid" and "Igknight" monsters.

Supporting Cards


Though FIRE Monsters can be extremely powerful, they tend to lack support for one another. Instead of focusing on combining and drawing on their strengths as a whole, coupled with the fact that there are few good Spell and Trap Cards to suit them than some of the other Attributes (most notably WATER), FIRE Monsters can be seen as having a negative impact on the opponent. They either take out Life Points slowly, and dealing some mighty damage with their high ATK or buff themselves with effects (e.g. "Raging Flame Sprite" , "Magna Drago" etc.), rather than helping the player directly via drawing, increasing Life Points, etc.

The Blaze of Destruction Structure Deck emphasizes combos, and if a monster itself is on the field, it will be destroyed easily because of no other monsters to support it. "Ultimate Baseball Kid" needs other FIRE monsters to survive but "DNA Transplant" can be used to boost him.

Additionally, "Water Dragon" is a massive threat to any FIRE decks reliant on battle to inflict damage, since its effect decreases the ATK of all Pyro-type and FIRE-Attribute monsters to 0.


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