The Eye of Anubis on Dark Yugi's forehead.

The Eye of Anubis, commonly called the Millennium Symbol in the anime, only appears when a Millennium Item holder is either using "Shadow Magic," or when someone else is under the control of another Millennium Item. It also appears on all of the Millennium Items, except for the Millennium Key. The Eye of Anubis is an incomplete symbol of the entire Eye of Wdjat, which is only on the Millennium Puzzle out of all the Millennium Items.

In the TCG and OCG, cards from Series 2 onward have an Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner.

Individual cards

Several cards feature the symbol. Many cards with the word "Millennium" have the Eye of Anubis in the card artwork. "Millennium Scorpion" has the Eye of Anubis on its back.

Many cards that were used by Marik and his siblings had the Eye of Anubis.

"Relinkuriboh" appears to have the Eye of Anubis on its back.


In the manga, the Eye of Anubis appeared on Yugi's forehead when he solved the Millennium Puzzle.[1] In the first series anime, it appeared on his shadow.[2] It often appears on Dark Yugi's forehead after he takes control of Yugi or inflicts a Penalty Game.

The die used in the dice game Shadow Game had the Eye of Anubis on its 1 face.[3]


During Joey Wheeler's Duel against Johnson, he played a card which involves flipping a coin, and one of the sides had the Eye on it.[4]

The "Dark Magician Girl" Summoned by Mana and featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has an Eye of Anubis replacing her hexagram jewel (red jewel in the dub), distinguishing her from the card.


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