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Extra Pack Volume 2
  • Extra Pack Volume 2



엑스트라 팩 Volume 2

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  • EXP2-JP (jp)
  • EXP2-KR (kr)
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Release dates
  • September 19, 2009
  • December 1, 2009

Extra Pack Volume 2

Extra Pack Volume 2 is an Extra Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It introduces previously TCG-exclusive cards to the OCG.



There are 10 cards per pack and 10 packs per box.

The set includes 40 cards. This is comprised of:



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EXTRA PACK(エクストラパック) Volume 2
(OCG - Japanese)
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity
EXP2-JP001 Guardian of Order ガーディアン・オブ・オーダー Ultra Rare
EXP2-JP002 Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid ライトロード・ドルイド オルクス Common
EXP2-JP003 Ehren, Lightsworn Monk ライトロード・モンク エイリン Super Rare
EXP2-JP004 Dark General Freed ダーク・ジェネラル フリード Common
EXP2-JP005 Magical Exemplar マジカル・コンダクター Rare
EXP2-JP006 Maniacal Servant (じゃ)(きょう)(しん)使(つか) Common
EXP2-JP007 Nimble Musasabi ()(ばや)いムササビ Common
EXP2-JP008 Flame Spirit Ignis (ほのお)()(せい)イグニス Common
EXP2-JP009 Super-Ancient Dinobeast 超古代恐獣(エンシェント・ダイノ) Rare
EXP2-JP010 Vanquishing Light ライト・バニッシュ Common
EXP2-JP011 Avenging Knight Parshath 神聖騎士(ホーリーナイト)パーシアス Super Rare
EXP2-JP012 Counselor Lily メンタル・カウンセラー リリー Common
EXP2-JP013 Herald of Orange Light 朱光の宣告者(バーミリオン・デクレアラー) Rare
EXP2-JP014 Izanami 伊弉波(イザナミ) Common
EXP2-JP015 Maiden of Macabre ゲイシャドウ Common
EXP2-JP016 Hand of the Six Samurai (ろく)()(しゅう)(つゆ)(はら) Common
EXP2-JP017 Cyber Shark サイバー・シャーク Common
EXP2-JP018 Grapple Blocker ウォールクリエイター Common
EXP2-JP019 Telekinetic Charging Cell (ねん)(どう)(ぞう)(ぷく)(そう)() Common
EXP2-JP020 Charge of the Light Brigade (ひかり)(えん)(ぐん) Rare
EXP2-JP021 Rose, Warrior of Revenge (ふく)(しゅう)(おんな)(せん)()ローズ Super Rare
EXP2-JP022 Seed of Flame シード・オブ・フレイム Common
EXP2-JP023 Cactus Fighter サボウ・ファイター Common
EXP2-JP024 Overdrive Teleporter マックス・テレポーター Common
EXP2-JP025 Rai-Jin RAI(ライ)JIN(ジン) Common
EXP2-JP026 Rai-Mei RAI(ライ)MEI(メイ) Common
EXP2-JP027 Gladiator Beast Retiari 剣闘獣(グラディアルビースト)レティアリィ Common
EXP2-JP028 Night's End Sorcerer ナイトエンド・ソーサラー Normal Rare
EXP2-JP029 Tempest Magician マジックテンペスター Super Rare
EXP2-JP030 Treacherous Trap Hole (こう)(かつ)()とし(あな) Common
EXP2-JP031 Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode ギガンテック・ファイター(スラッシュ)バスター Ultra Rare
EXP2-JP032 Dark Voltanis ダーク・ボルテニス Rare
EXP2-JP033 Prime Material Falcon マテリアルファルコン Common
EXP2-JP034 Bone Crusher ボーンクラッシャー Common
EXP2-JP035 Alien Kid エーリアン・キッズ Common
EXP2-JP036 Totem Dragon ミンゲイドラゴン Common
EXP2-JP037 Royal Swamp Eel (りゅう)(ぐう)(しろ)タウナギ Normal Rare
EXP2-JP038 Submarine Frog ()()ガエル Common
EXP2-JP039 Code A Ancient Ruins ()(だい)()(せき)コードA(エイ) Common
EXP2-JP040 Synchro Change シンクロ・チェンジ Rare

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엑스트라 팩 Volume 2
(OCG - Korean)
Set number English name Korean name Rarity
EXP2-KR001 Guardian of Order 가디언 오브 오더 Ultra Rare
EXP2-KR002 Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid 라이트로드 드루이드 오르크스 Common
EXP2-KR003 Ehren, Lightsworn Monk 라이트로드 몽크 에이린 Super Rare
EXP2-KR004 Dark General Freed 다크 제너럴 프리드 Common
EXP2-KR005 Magical Exemplar 매지컬 컨덕터 Rare
EXP2-KR006 Maniacal Servant 사광신의 사자 Common
EXP2-KR007 Nimble Musasabi 재빠른 하늘다람쥐 Common
EXP2-KR008 Flame Spirit Ignis 화염의 마정령 이그니스 Common
EXP2-KR009 Super-Ancient Dinobeast 초고대 티라노 Rare
EXP2-KR010 Vanquishing Light 라이트 배니시 Common
EXP2-KR011 Avenging Knight Parshath 신성기사 파샤스 Super Rare
EXP2-KR012 Counselor Lily 멘탈 카운셀러 릴리 Common
EXP2-KR013 Herald of Orange Light 버밀리온 데크레어러 Rare
EXP2-KR014 Izanami 이자나미 Common
EXP2-KR015 Maiden of Macabre 게이샤 도우 Common
EXP2-KR016 Hand of the Six Samurai 여섯 무사의 선행자 Common
EXP2-KR017 Cyber Shark 사이버 샤크 Common
EXP2-KR018 Grapple Blocker 월 크리에이터 Common
EXP2-KR019 Telekinetic Charging Cell 염동 증식 장치 Common
EXP2-KR020 Charge of the Light Brigade 빛의 원군 Rare
EXP2-KR021 Rose, Warrior of Revenge 복수의 여전사 로즈 Super Rare
EXP2-KR022 Seed of Flame 시드 오브 프레임 Common
EXP2-KR023 Cactus Fighter 선인장 파이터 Common
EXP2-KR024 Overdrive Teleporter 맥스 텔레포터 Common
EXP2-KR025 Rai-Jin RAI-JIN Common
EXP2-KR026 Rai-Mei RAI-MEI Common
EXP2-KR027 Gladiator Beast Retiari 검투수 레티어리 Common
EXP2-KR028 Night's End Sorcerer 나이트엔드 소서러 Normal Rare
EXP2-KR029 Tempest Magician 매직 템피스터 Super Rare
EXP2-KR030 Treacherous Trap Hole 교활한 함정 속으로 Common
EXP2-KR031 Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode 기간테크 파이터/버스터 Ultra Rare
EXP2-KR032 Dark Voltanis 다크 볼테니스 Rare
EXP2-KR033 Prime Material Falcon 머티리얼 팔코 Common
EXP2-KR034 Bone Crusher 본 크러셔 Common
EXP2-KR035 Alien Kid 에일리언 키즈 Common
EXP2-KR036 Totem Dragon 토템 드래곤 Common
EXP2-KR037 Royal Swamp Eel 용궁의 백뱀장어 Normal Rare
EXP2-KR038 Submarine Frog 미지 개구리 Common
EXP2-KR039 Code A Ancient Ruins 고대유적 코드A Common
EXP2-KR040 Synchro Change 싱크로 체인지 Rare

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