Extra Pack: Sword of Knights

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Extra Pack: Sword of Knights
  • Extra Pack: Sword of Knights
Kanji and furigana

EXTRA PACK(エクストラパック)SWORD OF KNIGHTS(ソード・オブ・ナイツ)




エクストラパック -ソード・オブ・ナイツ-


EXTRA PACK(엑스트라 팩) 스워드 오브 나이트-

Base text

EXTRA PACK 스워드 오브 나이트-


엑스트라 팩 스워드 오브 나이트-

Set information


  • EP13-JP (ja)
  • EXP6-KR (ko)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • May 18, 2013
  • October 5, 2013

Extra Pack: Sword of Knights

This set includes TCG exclusive cards from the booster packs Galactic Overlord, Return of the Duelist, Abyss Rising, Cosmo Blazer and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy.


Features the Japanese-language debut of a number of cards originally released overseas.

All Ultra Rare cards in the set are also available as Secret Rare.




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Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
EP13-JP001 Noble Knight Artorigus 聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)アルトリウス Rare Normal Monster
EP13-JP002 Ancient Dragon エンシェント・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP003 Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King 龍(りゅう)王(おう)の聖(せい)刻(こく)印(いん) Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP004 Evoltile Elginero エヴォルド・エルギネル Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP005 Lightray Grepher ライトレイ グレファー Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP006 Tardy Orc 遅(おそ)すぎたオーク Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP007 Draconnection 竜(りゅう)の交(こう)感(かん) Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP008 Trial and Tribulation 招(しょう)来(らい)の対(たい)価(か) Common Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP009 Hieratic Seal From the Ashes 復(ふっ)活(かつ)の聖(せい)刻(こく)印(いん) Common Continuous Trap Card
EP13-JP010 Xyz Wrath エクシーズ・パニッシュ Common Continuous Trap Card
EP13-JP011 Noble Knight Gawayn 聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)ガウェイン Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP012 Prophecy Destroyer 魔(ま)導(どう)鬼(き)士(し) ディアール Super Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP013 Lightray Madoor ライトレイ マドール Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP014 Blue Dragon Ninja 青(せい)竜(りゅう)の忍者(にんじゃ) Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP015 Imairuka イマイルカ Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP016 Revival Golem リバイバルゴーレム Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP017 Noble Arms - Gallatin 聖(せい)剣(けん)ガラティーン Rare Equip Spell Card
EP13-JP018 Spellbook Library of the Crescent 魔(ま)導(どう)書(しょ)庫(こ)クレッセン Common Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP019 Advance Zone アドバンス・ゾーン Common Continuous Spell Card
EP13-JP020 Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing 忍(にん)法(ぽう) 影(かげ)縫(ぬ)いの術(じゅつ) Common Continuous Trap Card
EP13-JP021 Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn 魔(ま)聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)ランスロット Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
EP13-JP022 Mermail Abyssmander 水精鱗(マーメイル)-アビスマンダー Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP023 Red Dragon Ninja 赤(せき)竜(りゅう)の忍(にん)者(じゃ) Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP024 Slushy フラッピィ Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP025 Abyss Dweller 深(しん)淵(えん)に潜(ひそ)む者(もの) Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EP13-JP026 Giant Soldier of Steel 鋼(こう)鉄(てつ)の巨(きょ)兵(へい) Rare Xyz Monster
EP13-JP027 Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr 聖(せい)剣(けん)アロンダイト Rare Equip Spell Card
EP13-JP028 Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere 魔(ま)導(どう)書(しょ)庫(こ)ソレイン Common Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP029 Spellbook Star Hall 魔(ま)導(どう)書(しょ)廊(ろう)エトワール Common Continuous Spell Card
EP13-JP030 Attack the Moon! ムーン・スクレイパー Common Continuous Spell Card
EP13-JP031 Noble Arms - Caliburn 聖(せい)剣(けん)カリバーン Common Equip Spell Card
EP13-JP032 Noble Knight Medraut 聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)モルドレッド Super Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP033 Hazy Flame Mantikor 陽炎獣(ヘイズビースト) メコレオス Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP034 Mermail Abyssteus 水精鱗(マーメイル)-ディニクアビス Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
EP13-JP035 Bonfire Colossus 嚇(か)灼(しゃく)の魔(ま)神(じん) Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP036 Mystical Fairy Elfuria 神(しん)秘(ぴ)の妖(よう)精(せい) エルフィリア Super Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP037 Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights 聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)王(おう)アルトリウス Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EP13-JP038 Infernal Flame Vixen ヘルフレイムゴースト Rare Xyz Monster
EP13-JP039 Spell Wall 魔力隔壁(マジック・ウォール) Common Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP040 Kickfire キックファイア Common Continuous Trap Card
EP13-JP041 Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer 幻(げん)獣(じゅう)機(き)タートレーサー Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP042 Noble Knight Gwalchavad 聖(せい)騎(き)士(し)ガラハド Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP043 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Coyote 機(き)炎(えん)星(せい)-ゴヨウテ Common Effect Monster
EP13-JP044 Mermail Abyssbalaen 水精鱗(マーメイル)-サルフアビス Super Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP045 Trifortressops 機(き)動(どう)要(よう)犀(さい) トリケライナー Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP046 Ghost Fairy Elfobia 異(い)怪(かい)の妖(よう)精(せい) エルフォビア Super Rare Effect Monster
EP13-JP047 Totem Bird トーテムバード Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EP13-JP048 Noble Arms of Destiny 天(てん)命(めい)の聖(せい)剣(けん) Common Equip Spell Card
EP13-JP049 Spellbook of Miracles 魔(ま)導(どう)書(しょ)の奇(き)跡(せき) Rare Normal Spell Card
EP13-JP050 Five Brothers Explosion 炎(えん)虎(こ)梁(りょう)山(ざん)爆(ばく) Common Continuous Trap Card
EP13-JP051 Legendary Dragon of White 伝説の白き龍(レジェンダリー・ドラゴン・オブ・ホワイト) Extra Secret Rare Xyz Monster
EP13-JP052 Legendary Magician of Dark 伝説の闇の魔導師(レジェンダリー・マジシャン・オブ・ダーク) Extra Secret Rare Xyz Monster

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Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
EXP6-KR001 Noble Knight Artorigus 성기사 아르토리우스 Rare Normal Monster
EXP6-KR002 Ancient Dragon 고대 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR003 Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King 용왕의 성각인 Common Gemini monster
EXP6-KR004 Evoltile Elginero 에볼드 엘기네르 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR005 Lightray Grepher 라이트레이 그레퍼 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR006 Tardy Orc 늑장 오크 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR007 Draconnection 용의 교감 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR008 Trial and Tribulation 초래의 대가 Common Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR009 Hieratic Seal From the Ashes 부활의 성각인 Common Continuous Trap Card
EXP6-KR010 Xyz Wrath 엑시즈 퍼니시 Common Continuous Trap Card
EXP6-KR011 Noble Knight Gawayn 성기사 가웨인 Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR012 Prophecy Destroyer 마도귀사 디아르 Super Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR013 Lightray Madoor 라이트레이 마돌 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR014 Blue Dragon Ninja 청룡의 첩자 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR015 Imairuka 이마이루카 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR016 Revival Golem 리바이벌 골렘 Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR017 Noble Arms - Gallatin 성검 갈라틴 Rare Equip Spell Card
EXP6-KR018 Spellbook Library of the Crescent 마도서고 크레센 Common Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR019 Advance Zone 어드밴스 존 Common Continuous Spell Card
EXP6-KR020 Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing 인법 그림자 봉인술 Common Continuous Trap Card
EXP6-KR021 Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn 마성기사 란슬롯 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
EXP6-KR022 Mermail Abyssmander 머메일 - 어비스맨더 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR023 Red Dragon Ninja 적룡의 첩자 Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR024 Slushy 슬러시 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR025 Abyss Dweller 심연에 숨은 자 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR026 Giant Soldier of Steel 강철 거인 Rare Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR027 Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr 성검 아론다이트 Rare Equip Spell Card
EXP6-KR028 Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere 마도서고 솔레인 Common Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR029 Spellbook Star Hall 마도서랑 에뜨와르 Common Continuous Spell Card
EXP6-KR030 Attack the Moon! 문 스크레이퍼 Common Continuous Spell Card
EXP6-KR031 Noble Arms - Caliburn 성검 칼리번 Common Equip Spell Card
EXP6-KR032 Noble Knight Medraut 성기사 몰드레드 Super Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR033 Hazy Flame Mantikor 헤이즈비스트 메코레오스 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR034 Mermail Abyssteus 머메일 - 디니크어비스 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
EXP6-KR035 Bonfire Colossus 하작의 마신 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR036 Mystical Fairy Elfuria 신비의 요정 엘피리아 Super Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR037 Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights 성기사왕 아르토리우스 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR038 Infernal Flame Vixen 헬프레임 고스트 Rare Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR039 Spell Wall 매직 월 Common Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR040 Kickfire 킥파이어 Common Continuous Trap Card
EXP6-KR041 Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer 환상수기 터틀레이서 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR042 Noble Knight Gwalchavad 성기사 가라해드 Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR043 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Coyote 기염성 - 고요우테 Common Effect Monster
EXP6-KR044 Mermail Abyssbalaen 머메일 - 설퍼어비스 Super Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR045 Trifortressops 기동요소 트리게라이너 Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR046 Ghost Fairy Elfobia 이괴의 요정 엘포비아 Super Rare Effect Monster
EXP6-KR047 Totem Bird 토템 버드 Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR048 Noble Arms of Destiny 천명의 성검 Common Equip Spell Card
EXP6-KR049 Spellbook of Miracles 마도서의 기적 Rare Normal Spell Card
EXP6-KR050 Five Brothers Explosion 염호양산폭 Common Continuous Trap Card
EXP6-KR051 Legendary Dragon of White 레전더리 드래곤 오브 화이트 Extra Secret Rare Xyz Monster
EXP6-KR052 Legendary Magician of Dark 레전더리 매지션 오브 다크 Extra Secret Rare Xyz Monster


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