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Extra Deck


Formerly: (ゆう)(ごう)デッキ

Japanese (ruby)

Formerly: ゆうごうデッキ

Japanese (base text)

Formerly: 融合デッキ

Japanese (romanized)

Formerly: Yūgō Dekki


Extra Deck
Formerly: Fusion Deck

The Extra Deck (エクストラデッキ, Ekusutoradekki), previously referred to as Fusion Deck ((ゆう)(ごう)デッキ Yūgō Dekki), is a Deck where Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and Xyz Monsters, as well as Pendulum Monsters that would otherwise have been sent from the field to the Graveyard, are stored during a Duel. Any old card that still refers to the Fusion Deck applies to the Extra Deck.

The Extra Deck is separate from the Main Deck and is placed face-down in the Extra Deck Zone. Like the Main Deck, the number of cards in the Extra Deck is public knowledge. Unlike the Main Deck, the player that possesses it can look through it at any time. The face-down contents of the Extra Deck are not public knowledge, so the opponent cannot look through face-down cards in the Extra Deck; however, the face-up cards in the Extra Deck are public knowledge, so either player may look through them at any time.[1]

Per the "Maximum of 3 Rule", during Deck construction there can be at most 3 cards with the same name in a player's Main Deck, Extra Deck and Side Deck (combined). During Deck construction, there is a 15-card limit to the Extra Deck, regardless of how many Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters, or Xyz Monsters are included. However, Pendulum Monsters placed face-up in the Extra Deck during a Duel can cause the total size of the Extra Deck to be larger than would be allowed during Deck building.

If a Fusion Monster, Synchro Monster, or Xyz Monster would be returned to its owner's hand or Main Deck, it is instead moved to the Extra Deck, since Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and Xyz Monsters cannot exist in either the hand or the Main Deck. It is not necessary to shuffle the Extra Deck, even when a card specifies that the card is shuffled into the Extra Deck.

Anime and manga

Limits on the amount of cards that are stored in the Extra Deck in the anime and manga are not yet determined.

  • It is also not clear at all times of the series if the Extra Deck exists in those Duels (such as early games shown just fuse monsters, without ever apparently pulling the Fusion Monster card from anywhere).
  • It is also not clear at all times where the Extra Deck is kept.


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