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Expert Edition Volume.2
  • Expert Edition Volume.2





High Grade Pack 2

Set information


  • EE2-JP (jp)
  • HGP2-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • March 17, 2005
  • November 17, 2006

Expert Edition Volume.2

Expert Edition Volume.2 is a Reprint set in the OCG. This set is the same set as Dark Revelation Volume 2 in the TCG.


Every pack contains 12 cards instead of the usual 9. Every pack (and all other Reprint packs) will always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 Rares.

Type-wise, this set contains:

Rarity-wise, this set contains:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
EE2-JP001 Ojama Yellow おジャマ・イエロー Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP002 Ojama Black おジャマ・ブラック Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP003 Soul Tiger 魂虎ソウル・タイガー Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP004 Big Koala ビッグ・コアラ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP005 Des Kangaroo デス・カンガルー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP006 Crimson Ninja Common Flip monster
EE2-JP007 Strike Ninja そっこう黒いブラックにんじゃ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP008 Gale Lizard ばくふうトカゲ Common Flip monster
EE2-JP009 Spirit of the Pot of Greed ごうよくつぼせいれい Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw きょうあくはん-チョップマン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP011 Sasuke Samurai #3 おおばんぶるまいざむらい Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP012 D.D. Scout Plane げんていさつ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP013 Berserk Gorilla 怒れる類人猿バーサークゴリラ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP014 Freed the Brave Wanderer ほうろうゆうしゃ フリード Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP015 Coach Goblin おにゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP016 Witch Doctor of Chaos こんとんじゅじゅつ Common Flip monster
EE2-JP017 Chaos Necromancer カオス・ネクロマンサー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP018 Chaosrider Gustaph カオスライダー グスタフ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP019 Inferno インフェルノ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP020 Fenrir フェンリル Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP021 Gigantes ギガンテス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP022 Silpheed シルフィード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP023 Chaos Sorcerer カオス・ソーサラー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP024 Gren Maju Da Eiza れんじゅう ダ・イーザ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning カオス・ソルジャー -かいびゃく使しゃ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP026 Drillago ドリラゴ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP027 Lekunga レクンガ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP028 Lord Poison ロードポイズン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP029 Bowganian ボーガニアン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP030 Granadora グラナドラ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP031 Fuhma Shuriken ふうしゅけん Common Equip Spell Card
EE2-JP032 Heart of the Underdog ぼんこつ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP033 Wild Nature's Release せいかいほう Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP034 Ojama Delta Hurricane!! おジャマ・デルタハリケーン!! Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP035 Stumbling つまずき Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP036 Chaos End カオス・エンド Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP037 Yellow Luster Shield カオス・シールド Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP038 Chaos Greed カオス・グリード Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP039 D.D. Designator げんめいしゃ Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP040 D.D. Borderline げんきょうかいせん Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP041 Recycle リサイクル Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP042 Primal Seed げんしょたね Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP043 Thunder Crash サンダー・クラッシュ Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP044 Dimension Distortion げんひず Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP045 Reload リロード Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP046 Soul Absorption たましいきゅうしゅう Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP047 Big Burn だいそう Super Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP048 Blasting the Ruins ざんがいばく Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP049 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell ふうじゅいん Common Counter Trap Card
EE2-JP050 Tower of Babel バベル・タワー Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP051 Spatial Collapse ちゅうしゅうしゅく Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP052 Chain Disappearance 連鎖除外チェーン・ロスト Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP053 Zero Gravity じゅうりょくかいじょ Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP054 Dark Mirror Force じゃあくなるバリア -ダーク・フォース- Super Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP055 Energy Drain エナジー・ドレイン Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP056 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 混沌帝龍カオス・エンペラー・ドラゴンしゅうえん使しゃ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP057 Giga Gagagigo ギガ・ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP058 Mad Dog of Darkness あんこく狂犬マッドドッグ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP059 Neo Bug ネオバグ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP060 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness あんこくかいりゅうへい Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP061 Terrorking Salmon ジェノサイドキングサーモン Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP062 Blazing Inpachi えんもくじん インパチ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP063 Burning Algae える Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP064 The Thing in the Crater こうひそもの Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP065 Molten Zombie しゃくねつゾンビ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP066 Dark Magician of Chaos こんとんくろじゅつ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP067 Gora Turtle of Illusion げんえいのゴラがめ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP068 Manticore of Darkness あんこくのマンティコア Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP069 Stealth Bird ステルスバード Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP070 Sacred Crane せいちょうクレイン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP071 Enraged Battle Ox げきこうのミノタウルス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP072 Don Turtle 首領亀ドンガメ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP073 Balloon Lizard バルーン・リザード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP074 Dark Driceratops 暗黒ダークドリケラトプス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP075 Hyper Hammerhead ハイパーハンマーヘッド Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP076 Black Tyranno 暗黒恐獣ブラック・ティラノ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP077 Anti-Aircraft Flower たいくうほう Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP078 Prickle Fairy いばらようせい Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP079 Pinch Hopper だいバッター Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP080 Skull-Mark Ladybug 髑髏ドクロがん 天道虫レディバグ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP081 Insect Princess インセクト・プリンセス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP082 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 すいりくりょうようバグロス Mk-3 Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP083 Torpedo Fish ぎょらいぎょ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP084 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus 海竜リバイアドラゴン-ダイダロス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP085 Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness あんこくだいようさいじゃち Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP086 Cannonball Spear Shellfish ほうだんヤリがい Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP087 Mataza the Zapper また Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP088 Guardian Angel Joan 守護天使ガーディアンエンジェル ジャンヌ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP089 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands マンジュ・ゴッド Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP090 Getsu Fuhma げつふう Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP091 Ryu Kokki りゅうこつ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP092 Gryphon's Feather Duster グリフォンのぼうき Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP093 Stray Lambs まよえるひつじ Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP094 Smashing Ground くだ Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP095 Dimension Fusion げんゆうごう Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP096 Dedication through Light and Darkness ひかりやみせんれい Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP097 Salvage サルベージ Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP098 Ultra Evolution Pill ちょうしんやく Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP099 Multiplication of Ants アリのぞうしょく Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP100 Earth Chant だいさんしょう Common Ritual Spell Card
EE2-JP101 Jade Insect Whistle すいむしぶえ Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP102 Destruction Ring かい指輪リング Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP103 Fiend's Hand Mirror あくかがみ Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP104 Compulsory Evacuation Device きょうせいだっしゅつそう Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP105 A Hero Emerges ヒーローけんざん Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP106 Self-Destruct Button ばくスイッチ Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP107 Curse of Darkness あんこくじゅばく Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP108 Begone, Knave! もんぜんばら Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP109 DNA Transplant DNAしょくしゅじゅつ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP110 Robbin' Zombie ぎゾンビ Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP111 Trap Jammer トラップ・ジャマー Rare Counter Trap Card
EE2-JP112 Invader of Darkness あんこくしんりゃくしゃ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP113 Gogiga Gagagigo ゴギガ・ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP114 Warrior of Zera ゼラのせん Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP115 Sealmaster Meisei ふういん メイセイ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP116 Mystical Shine Ball 神聖なる球体ホーリーシャイン・ボール Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP117 Metal Armored Bug 鉄鋼装甲虫メタルアーマードバグ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP118 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn さばきのだいこうしゃ サターン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP119 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury えいだいこうしゃ マーキュリー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP120 The Agent of Creation - Venus そうぞうだいこうしゃ ヴィーナス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP121 The Agent of Force - Mars ちからだいこうしゃ マーズ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP122 The Unhappy Girl はっこう乙女おとめ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP123 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower せい骨の塔ボーンタワー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP124 The Kick Man ザ・キックマン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP125 Vampire Lady ヴァンパイア・レディ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP126 Stone Statue of the Aztecs アステカのせきぞう Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP127 Rocket Jumper ロケット・ジャンパー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP128 Avatar of The Pot つほしん Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP129 Legendary Jujitsu Master でんせつじゅうじゅつ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP130 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress どうとりでのギア・ゴーレム Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP131 KA-2 Des Scissors KA-2 デス・シザース Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP132 Needle Burrower ニードルバンカー Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP133 Sonic Jammer ソニックジャマー Common Flip monster
EE2-JP134 Blowback Dragon ブローバック・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP135 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch らいていザボルグ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP136 Atomic Firefly げんホタル Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP137 Mermaid Knight マーメイド・ナイト Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP138 Piranha Army ぐんたいピラニア Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP139 Two Thousand Needles 針二千本ツーサウザンド・ニードル Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP140 Disc Fighter 円盤闘士ディスクファイター Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP141 Arcane Archer of the Forest しんりょくきゅう使つか Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP142 Lady Ninja Yae おんなにんじゃヤエ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP143 Goblin King キングゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP144 Solar Flare Dragon プロミネンス・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP145 White Magician Pikeru しろどうピケル Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP146 Archlord Zerato だいてん使ゼラート Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP147 Opti-Camouflage Armor こうがくめいさいアーマー Common Equip Spell Card
EE2-JP148 Mystik Wok しんちゅうなべ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP149 Enemy Controller エネミーコントローラー Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP150 Burst Stream of Destruction ほろびの爆裂疾風弾バーストストリーム Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP151 Monster Gate モンスターゲート Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP152 Amplifier でんのうぞうふく Rare Equip Spell Card
EE2-JP153 Weapon Change ウェポンチェンジ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP154 The Sanctuary in the Sky てんくうせいいき Common Field Spell Card
EE2-JP155 Earthquake アースクエイク Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP156 Talisman of Trap Sealing わなふういんじゅ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP157 Goblin Thief 盗人ぬすっとゴブリン Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP158 Backfire バックファイア Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP159 Micro Ray ミクロこうせん Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP160 Light of Judgment さばきのひかり Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP161 Talisman of Spell Sealing ほうふういんじゅ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP162 Wall of Revealing Light ひかりふうへき Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP163 Solar Ray ソーラーレイ Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP164 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation にんぽう へんじゅつ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP165 Beckoning Light ひかりしょうしゅう Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP166 Draining Shield ドレインシールド Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP167 Armor Break アーマーブレイク Common Counter Trap Card
EE2-JP168 Mazera DeVille デビルマゼラ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP169 Gigobyte ギゴバイト Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP170 Mokey Mokey もけもけ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP171 Kozaky コザッキー Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP172 Fiend Scorpion デビルスコーピオン Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP173 Pharaoh's Servant ファラオのしもべ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP174 Pharaonic Protector おうしゅしゃ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP175 Spirit of the Pharaoh スピリッツ・オブ・ファラオ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP176 Theban Nightmare ナイトメアテーベ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP177 Aswan Apparition アスワンのぼうれい Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP178 Protector of the Sanctuary しん殿でんまももの Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP179 Nubian Guard ヌビアガード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP180 Legacy Hunter レガシーハンター Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP181 Desertapir バク Common Flip monster
EE2-JP182 Sand Gambler サンド・ギャンブラー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP183 3-Hump Lacooda みつこぶラクーダ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP184 Ghost Knight of Jackal ジャッカルのれい Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP185 Absorbing Kid from the Sky きゅうしゅうてん Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP186 Elephant Statue of Blessing めぐみのぞう Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP187 Elephant Statue of Disaster わざわいのぞう Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP188 Spirit Caller たましいもの Common Flip monster
EE2-JP189 Emissary of the Afterlife めいかい使しゃ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP190 Grave Protector グレイヴ・キーパー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP191 Double Coston ダブルコストン Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP192 Regenerating Mummy さいせいミイラ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP193 Night Assailant 深淵の暗殺者ナイト・アサシン Rare Flip monster
EE2-JP194 Man-Thro' Tro' ひとげトロール Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP195 King of the Swamp ぬましんおう Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP196 Emissary of the Oasis オアシスの使しゃ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP197 Special Hurricane スペシャルハリケーン Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP198 Order to Charge とつげきれい Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP199 Sword of the Soul-Eater たまらいのとう Common Equip Spell Card
EE2-JP200 Dust Barrier じんけっかい Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP201 Soul Reversal リバースソウル Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE2-JP202 Spell Economics りょくけんやくじゅつ Rare Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP203 Blessings of the Nile ナイルのめぐ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP204 7 セブン Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP205 Level Limit - Area B レベルせいげん Rare Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP206 Enchanting Fitting Room ちゃく Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP207 The Law of the Normal じゃくにくいっしょく Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP208 Dark Magic Attack 黒・魔・導ブラック・マジック Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP209 Delta Attacker デルタ・アタッカー Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP210 Thousand Energy サウザンドエナジー Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP211 Triangle Power トライアングルパワー Common Normal Spell Card
EE2-JP212 The Third Sarcophagus だいさんひつぎ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP213 The Second Sarcophagus だいひつぎ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE2-JP214 The First Sarcophagus だいいちひつぎ Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP215 Dora of Fate うんめいのドラ Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP216 Judgment of the Desert ばくさば Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP217 Human-Wave Tactics じんかいせんじゅつ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP218 Curse of Anubis アヌビスののろ Super Rare Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP219 Desert Sunlight ばくひかり Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP220 Des Counterblow デスカウンター Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP221 Labyrinth of Nightmare あくめいきゅう Common Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP222 Soul Resurrection よみがえりしたましい Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE2-JP223 Order to Smash ぎょくさいれい Common Normal Trap Card
EE2-JP224 The End of Anubis エンド・オブ・アヌビス Ultra Rare Effect Monster

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
HGP2-KR001 Ojama Yellow 방해꾼 옐로 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR002 Ojama Black 방해꾼 블랙 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR003 Soul Tiger Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR004 Big Koala 빅 코알라 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR005 Des Kangaroo 데스 캥거루 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR006 Crimson Ninja Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR007 Strike Ninja 속공의 검은 첩자 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR008 Gale Lizard 폭풍 도마뱀 Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR009 Spirit of the Pot of Greed Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR011 Sasuke Samurai #3 날렵한 사무라이 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR012 D.D. Scout Plane 이차원의 정찰기 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR013 Berserk Gorilla 분노 유인원 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR014 Freed the Brave Wanderer Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR015 Coach Goblin 도깨비 고블린 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR016 Witch Doctor of Chaos Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR017 Chaos Necromancer Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR018 Chaosrider Gustaph 카오스라이더 구스타프 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR019 Inferno Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR020 Fenrir Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR021 Gigantes 기간테스 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR022 Silpheed 실피드 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR023 Chaos Sorcerer 카오스소서러 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR024 Gren Maju Da Eiza 붉은 마수 다 이자 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 카오스 솔저 -개벽- Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR026 Drillago Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR027 Lekunga Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR028 Lord Poison 로드 포이즌 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR029 Bowganian Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR030 Granadora Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR031 Fuhma Shuriken 풍마 수리검 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP2-KR032 Heart of the Underdog 범골의 의지 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR033 Wild Nature's Release Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR034 Ojama Delta Hurricane!! Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR035 Stumbling Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR036 Chaos End Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR037 Yellow Luster Shield Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR038 Chaos Greed Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR039 D.D. Designator Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR040 D.D. Borderline Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR041 Recycle 리사이클 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR042 Primal Seed Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR043 Thunder Crash 썬더 크래시 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR044 Dimension Distortion 차원의 왜곡 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR045 Reload 리로드 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR046 Soul Absorption 영혼 흡수 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR047 Big Burn Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR048 Blasting the Ruins Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR049 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Common Counter Trap Card
HGP2-KR050 Tower of Babel 바벨탑 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR051 Spatial Collapse Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR052 Chain Disappearance 연쇄 제외 Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR053 Zero Gravity Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR054 Dark Mirror Force 사악한 방어막 거울의 힘 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR055 Energy Drain Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR056 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 카오스 엠페러 드래곤 -종언- Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR057 Giga Gagagigo 기가 가가기고 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR058 Mad Dog of Darkness Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR059 Neo Bug Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR060 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR061 Terrorking Salmon Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR062 Blazing Inpachi Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR063 Burning Algae Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR064 The Thing in the Crater Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR065 Molten Zombie Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR066 Dark Magician of Chaos 혼돈의 흑마술사 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR067 Gora Turtle of Illusion Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR068 Manticore of Darkness 암흑의 만티코어 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR069 Stealth Bird 스텔스 버드 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR070 Sacred Crane 성조 크레인 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR071 Enraged Battle Ox 격앙한 미노타우로스 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR072 Don Turtle 돈 터틀 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR073 Balloon Lizard Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR074 Dark Driceratops Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR075 Hyper Hammerhead 하이퍼 해머헤드 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR076 Black Tyranno 블랙 티라노 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR077 Anti-Aircraft Flower 대공방화 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR078 Prickle Fairy Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR079 Pinch Hopper Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR080 Skull-Mark Ladybug Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR081 Insect Princess Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR082 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 수륙양용 버그로스 MK-3 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR083 Torpedo Fish Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR084 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR085 Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness 암흑 대요새호 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR086 Cannonball Spear Shellfish Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR087 Mataza the Zapper 기습 공격 마타자 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR088 Guardian Angel Joan 가디언 엔젤 잔느 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR089 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 만수의 신 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR090 Getsu Fuhma 월풍마 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR091 Ryu Kokki 용골귀 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR092 Gryphon's Feather Duster Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR093 Stray Lambs Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR094 Smashing Ground 대지 분쇄 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR095 Dimension Fusion 차원 융합 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR096 Dedication through Light and Darkness Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR097 Salvage 샐비지 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR098 Ultra Evolution Pill Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR099 Multiplication of Ants Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR100 Earth Chant Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP2-KR101 Jade Insect Whistle Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR102 Destruction Ring Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR103 Fiend's Hand Mirror Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR104 Compulsory Evacuation Device 강제 탈출 장치 Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR105 A Hero Emerges 영웅 출현 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR106 Self-Destruct Button 자폭 스위치 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR107 Curse of Darkness Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR108 Begone, Knave! Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR109 DNA Transplant Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR110 Robbin' Zombie Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR111 Trap Jammer 트랩 재머 Rare Counter Trap Card
HGP2-KR112 Invader of Darkness 암흑의 침략자 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR113 Gogiga Gagagigo 고기가 가가기고 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR114 Warrior of Zera 제라의 전사 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR115 Sealmaster Meisei 봉인사 메이세이 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR116 Mystical Shine Ball Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR117 Metal Armored Bug 철강 장갑충 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR118 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn 심판의 대행자 새턴 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR119 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR120 The Agent of Creation - Venus Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR121 The Agent of Force - Mars Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR122 The Unhappy Girl Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR123 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR124 The Kick Man Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR125 Vampire Lady Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR126 Stone Statue of the Aztecs 아즈텍의 석상 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR127 Rocket Jumper Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR128 Avatar of The Pot 항아리 마신 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR129 Legendary Jujitsu Master 전설의 유술가 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR130 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR131 KA-2 Des Scissors Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR132 Needle Burrower Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR133 Sonic Jammer Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR134 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR135 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch 번개 제왕 자보르그 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR136 Atomic Firefly 원자 반딧불 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR137 Mermaid Knight Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR138 Piranha Army Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR139 Two Thousand Needles Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR140 Disc Fighter Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR141 Arcane Archer of the Forest 심록의 마궁수 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR142 Lady Ninja Yae 여첩자 야에 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR143 Goblin King Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR144 Solar Flare Dragon 프로미넌스 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR145 White Magician Pikeru 백마도사 피켈 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR146 Archlord Zerato 대천사 제라토 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR147 Opti-Camouflage Armor Common Equip Spell Card
HGP2-KR148 Mystik Wok 신비의 중화냄비 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR149 Enemy Controller 에너미 컨트롤러 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR150 Burst Stream of Destruction 멸망의 폭렬질풍탄 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR151 Monster Gate 몬스터 게이트 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR152 Amplifier 사이버 증폭기 Rare Equip Spell Card
HGP2-KR153 Weapon Change Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR154 The Sanctuary in the Sky 천공의 성역 Common Field Spell Card
HGP2-KR155 Earthquake Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR156 Talisman of Trap Sealing Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR157 Goblin Thief 도둑 고블린 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR158 Backfire Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR159 Micro Ray Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR160 Light of Judgment 심판의 빛 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR161 Talisman of Spell Sealing Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR162 Wall of Revealing Light 빛의 봉인벽 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR163 Solar Ray 솔라 레이 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR164 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation 인법 변신술 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR165 Beckoning Light 빛의 소집 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR166 Draining Shield 드레인 실드 Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR167 Armor Break 아머 브레이크 Common Counter Trap Card
HGP2-KR168 Mazera DeVille 데블 마제라 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR169 Gigobyte 기고바이트 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR170 Mokey Mokey 모케모케 Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR171 Kozaky Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR172 Fiend Scorpion Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR173 Pharaoh's Servant Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR174 Pharaonic Protector Common Normal Monster
HGP2-KR175 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR176 Theban Nightmare Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR177 Aswan Apparition 아스완의 망령 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR178 Protector of the Sanctuary Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR179 Nubian Guard Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR180 Legacy Hunter 레거시 헌터 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR181 Desertapir Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR182 Sand Gambler 샌드 갬블러 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR183 3-Hump Lacooda 삼봉 낙타 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR184 Ghost Knight of Jackal 자칼의 영기사 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR185 Absorbing Kid from the Sky 흡수천아 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR186 Elephant Statue of Blessing Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR187 Elephant Statue of Disaster Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR188 Spirit Caller Common Flip monster
HGP2-KR189 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR190 Grave Protector 그래이브 키퍼 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR191 Double Coston 더블코스톤 Rare Effect Monster
HGP2-KR192 Regenerating Mummy Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR193 Night Assailant 심연의 암살자 Rare Flip monster
HGP2-KR194 Man-Thro' Tro' Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR195 King of the Swamp 늪지의 마신왕 Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR196 Emissary of the Oasis Common Effect Monster
HGP2-KR197 Special Hurricane Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR198 Order to Charge Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR199 Sword of the Soul-Eater Common Equip Spell Card
HGP2-KR200 Dust Barrier 모래 먼지의 결계 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR201 Soul Reversal Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP2-KR202 Spell Economics 마력 절약술 Rare Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR203 Blessings of the Nile Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR204 7 7 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR205 Level Limit - Area B 레벨 제한 B구역 Rare Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR206 Enchanting Fitting Room Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR207 The Law of the Normal Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR208 Dark Magic Attack 흑·마·도 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR209 Delta Attacker Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR210 Thousand Energy Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR211 Triangle Power Common Normal Spell Card
HGP2-KR212 The Third Sarcophagus Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR213 The Second Sarcophagus Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP2-KR214 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR215 Dora of Fate Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR216 Judgment of the Desert Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR217 Human-Wave Tactics Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR218 Curse of Anubis 아누비스의 저주 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR219 Desert Sunlight Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR220 Des Counterblow 데스 카운터 Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR221 Labyrinth of Nightmare 악몽의 미궁 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR222 Soul Resurrection Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP2-KR223 Order to Smash Common Normal Trap Card
HGP2-KR224 The End of Anubis 엔드 오브 아누비스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster

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