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Expert Edition Volume.2
  • Expert Edition Volume.2





High Grade Pack 2

Set information


  • EE2 (ja)
  • HGP2 (ko)
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Release dates
  • March 17, 2005

Expert Edition Volume.2

This set is the same set as Dark Revelation Volume 2 (DR2-EN) in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.


Every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Revelation (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.



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Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
EE2-JP001 Ojama Yellow おジャマ・イエロー Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP002 Ojama Black おジャマ・ブラック Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP003 Soul Tiger 魂虎(ソウル・タイガー) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP004 Big Koala ビッグ・コアラ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP005 Des Kangaroo デス・カンガルー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP006 Crimson Ninja 赤い(レッド)(にん)(じゃ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP007 Strike Ninja (そっ)(こう)黒い(ブラック)(にん)(じゃ) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP008 Gale Lizard (ばく)(ふう)トカゲ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP009 Spirit of the Pot of Greed (ごう)(よく)(つぼ)(せい)(れい) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw (きょう)(あく)(はん)-チョップマン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP011 Sasuke Samurai #3 (おお)(ばん)(ぶる)(まい)(ざむらい) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP012 D.D. Scout Plane ()()(げん)(てい)(さつ)() Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP013 Berserk Gorilla 怒れる類人猿(バーサークゴリラ) Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP014 Freed the Brave Wanderer (ほう)(ろう)(ゆう)(しゃ) フリード Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP015 Coach Goblin (おに)ゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP016 Witch Doctor of Chaos (こん)(とん)(じゅ)(じゅつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP017 Chaos Necromancer カオス ・ ネクロマンサー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP018 Chaosrider Gustaph カオスライダー グスタフ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP019 Inferno インフェルノ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP020 Fenrir フェンリル Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP021 Gigantes ギガンテス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP022 Silpheed シルフィード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP023 Chaos Sorcerer カオス・ソーサラー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP024 Gren Maju Da Eiza ()(れん)()(じゅう) ダ・イーザ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning カオス・ソルジャー -(かい)(びゃく)使()(しゃ) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP026 Drillago ドリラゴ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP027 Lekunga レクンガ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP028 Lord Poison ロードポイズン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP029 Bowganian ボーガニアン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP030 Granadora グラナドラ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP031 Fuhma Shuriken (ふう)()(しゅ)()(けん) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP032 Heart of the Underdog (ぼん)(こつ)()() Common Spell Card
EE2-JP033 Wild Nature's Release ()(せい)(かい)(ほう) Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP034 Ojama Delta Hurricane!! おジャマ・デルタハリケーン!! Common Spell Card
EE2-JP035 Stumbling つまずき Common Spell Card
EE2-JP036 Chaos End カオス・エンド Common Spell Card
EE2-JP037 Yellow Luster Shield カオス・シールド Common Spell Card
EE2-JP038 Chaos Greed カオス ・ グリード Common Spell Card
EE2-JP039 D.D. Designator ()()(げん)()(めい)(しゃ) Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP040 D.D. Borderline ()()(げん)(きょう)(かい)(せん) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP041 Recycle リサイクル Common Spell Card
EE2-JP042 Primal Seed (げん)(しょ)(たね) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP043 Thunder Crash サンダー・クラッシュ Common Spell Card
EE2-JP044 Dimension Distortion ()(げん)(ひず) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP045 Reload リロード Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP046 Soul Absorption (たましい)(きゅう)(しゅう) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP047 Big Burn (だい)()(そう) Super Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP048 Blasting the Ruins (ざん)(がい)(ばく)() Common Trap Card
EE2-JP049 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell (ふう)()(じゅ)(いん) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP050 Tower of Babel バベル・タワー Common Trap Card
EE2-JP051 Spatial Collapse ()(ちゅう)(しゅう)(しゅく) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP052 Chain Disappearance 連鎖除外(チェーン・ロスト) Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP053 Zero Gravity (じゅう)(りょく)(かい)(じょ) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP054 Dark Mirror Force (じゃ)(あく)なるバリア -ダーク・フォース- Super Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP055 Energy Drain エナジー ・ ドレイン Common Trap Card
EE2-JP056 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 混沌帝龍(カオス・エンペラー・ドラゴン)(しゅう)(えん)使()(しゃ) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP057 Giga Gagagigo ギガ・ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP058 Mad Dog of Darkness (あん)(こく)狂犬(マッドドッグ) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP059 Neo Bug ネオバグ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP060 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness (あん)(こく)(かい)(りゅう)(へい) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP061 Terrorking Salmon ジェノサイドキングサーモン Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP062 Blazing Inpachi ()(えん)(もく)(じん) (イン)(パチ) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP063 Burning Algae ()える() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP064 The Thing in the Crater ()(こう)(ひそ)(もの) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP065 Molten Zombie (しゃく)(ねつ)ゾンビ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP066 Dark Magician of Chaos (こん)(とん)(くろ)()(じゅつ)() Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP067 Gora Turtle of Illusion (げん)(えい)のゴラ(がめ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP068 Manticore of Darkness (あん)(こく)のマンティコア Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP069 Stealth Bird ステルスバード Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP070 Sacred Crane (せい)(ちょう)クレイン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP071 Enraged Battle Ox (げき)(こう)のミノタウルス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP072 Don Turtle 首領亀(ドンガメ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP073 Balloon Lizard バルーン ・ リザード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP074 Dark Driceratops 暗黒(ダーク)ドリケラトプス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP075 Hyper Hammerhead ハイパーハンマーヘッド Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP076 Black Tyranno 暗黒恐獣(ブラック・ティラノ) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP077 Anti-Aircraft Flower (たい)(くう)(ほう)() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP078 Prickle Fairy (いばら)(よう)(せい) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP079 Pinch Hopper (だい)()バッター Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP080 Skull-Mark Ladybug 髑髏(ドクロ)(がん) 天道虫(レディバグ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP081 Insect Princess インセクト・プリンセス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP082 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 (すい)(りく)(りょう)(よう)バグロス Mk-3 Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP083 Torpedo Fish (ぎょ)(らい)(ぎょ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP084 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus 海竜(リバイアドラゴン)-ダイダロス Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP085 Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness (あん)(こく)(だい)(よう)(さい)(じゃち) Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP086 Cannonball Spear Shellfish (ほう)(だん)ヤリ(がい) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP087 Mataza the Zapper ()()()(また)() Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP088 Guardian Angel Joan 守護天使(ガーディアンエンジェル) ジャンヌ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP089 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands マンジュ・ゴッド Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP090 Getsu Fuhma (げつ)(ふう)() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP091 Ryu Kokki (りゅう)(こつ)() Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP092 Gryphon's Feather Duster グリフォンの()()(ぼうき) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP093 Stray Lambs (まよ)える()(ひつじ) Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP094 Smashing Ground ()(くだ) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP095 Dimension Fusion ()(げん)(ゆう)(ごう) Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP096 Dedication through Light and Darkness (ひかり)(やみ)(せん)(れい) Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP097 Salvage サルベージ Common Spell Card
EE2-JP098 Ultra Evolution Pill (ちょう)(しん)()(やく) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP099 Multiplication of Ants アリの(ぞう)(しょく) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP100 Earth Chant (だい)()(さん)(しょう) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP101 Jade Insect Whistle ()(すい)(むし)(ぶえ) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP102 Destruction Ring ()(かい)指輪(リング) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP103 Fiend's Hand Mirror (あく)()()(かがみ) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP104 Compulsory Evacuation Device (きょう)(せい)(だっ)(しゅつ)(そう)() Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP105 A Hero Emerges ヒーロー(けん)(ざん) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP106 Self-Destruct Button ()(ばく)スイッチ Common Trap Card
EE2-JP107 Curse of Darkness (あん)(こく)(じゅ)(ばく) Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP108 Begone, Knave! (もん)(ぜん)(ばら) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP109 DNA Transplant DNA()(しょく)(しゅ)(じゅつ) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP110 Robbin' Zombie ()()ぎゾンビ Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP111 Trap Jammer トラップ・ジャマー Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP112 Invader of Darkness (あん)(こく)(しん)(りゃく)(しゃ) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP113 Gogiga Gagagigo ゴギガ・ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP114 Warrior of Zera ゼラの(せん)() Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP115 Sealmaster Meisei (ふう)(いん)() メイセイ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP116 Mystical Shine Ball 神聖なる球体(ホーリーシャイン・ボール) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP117 Metal Armored Bug 鉄鋼装甲虫(メタルアーマードバグ) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP118 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn (さば)きの(だい)(こう)(しゃ) サターン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP119 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury (えい)()(だい)(こう)(しゃ) マーキュリー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP120 The Agent of Creation - Venus (そう)(ぞう)(だい)(こう)(しゃ) ヴィーナス Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP121 The Agent of Force - Mars (ちから)(だい)(こう)(しゃ) マーズ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP122 The Unhappy Girl (はっ)(こう)乙女(おとめ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP123 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower (せい)()()骨の塔(ボーンタワー) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP124 The Kick Man ザ・キックマン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP125 Vampire Lady ヴァンパイア・レディ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP126 Stone Statue of the Aztecs アステカの(せき)(ぞう) Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP127 Rocket Jumper ロケット・ジャンパー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP128 Avatar of The Pot (つほ)()(しん) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP129 Legendary Jujitsu Master (でん)(せつ)(じゅう)(じゅつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP130 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress ()(どう)(とりで)のギア・ゴーレム Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP131 KA-2 Des Scissors KA-2 デス・シザース Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP132 Needle Burrower ニードルバンカー Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP133 Sonic Jammer ソニックジャマー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP134 Blowback Dragon ブローバック・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP135 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (らい)(てい)ザボルグ Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP136 Atomic Firefly (げん)()ホタル Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP137 Mermaid Knight マーメイド・ナイト Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP138 Piranha Army (ぐん)(たい)ピラニア Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP139 Two Thousand Needles 針二千本(ツーサウザンド・ニードル) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP140 Disc Fighter 円盤闘士(ディスクファイター) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP141 Arcane Archer of the Forest (しん)(りょく)()(きゅう)使(つか) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP142 Lady Ninja Yae (おんな)(にん)(じゃ)ヤエ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP143 Goblin King キングゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP144 Solar Flare Dragon プロミネンス・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP145 White Magician Pikeru (しろ)()(どう)()ピケル Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP146 Archlord Zerato (だい)(てん)使()ゼラート Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP147 Opti-Camouflage Armor (こう)(がく)(めい)(さい)アーマー Common Spell Card
EE2-JP148 Mystik Wok (しん)()(ちゅう)()なべ Common Spell Card
EE2-JP149 Enemy Controller エネミーコントローラー Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP150 Burst Stream of Destruction (ほろ)びの爆裂疾風弾(バーストストリーム) Super Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP151 Monster Gate モンスターゲート Common Spell Card
EE2-JP152 Amplifier (でん)(のう)(ぞう)(ふく)() Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP153 Weapon Change ウェポンチェンジ Common Spell Card
EE2-JP154 The Sanctuary in the Sky (てん)(くう)(せい)(いき) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP155 Earthquake アースクエイク Common Spell Card
EE2-JP156 Talisman of Trap Sealing (わな)(ふう)(いん)(じゅ)() Common Spell Card
EE2-JP157 Goblin Thief 盗人(ぬすっと)ゴブリン Common Spell Card
EE2-JP158 Backfire バックファイア Common Trap Card
EE2-JP159 Micro Ray ミクロ(こう)(せん) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP160 Light of Judgment (さば)きの(ひかり) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP161 Talisman of Spell Sealing ()(ほう)(ふう)(いん)(じゅ)() Common Trap Card
EE2-JP162 Wall of Revealing Light (ひかり)()(ふう)(へき) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP163 Solar Ray ソーラーレイ Common Trap Card
EE2-JP164 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation (にん)(ぽう) (へん)()(じゅつ) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP165 Beckoning Light (ひかり)(しょう)(しゅう) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP166 Draining Shield ドレインシールド Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP167 Armor Break アーマーブレイク Common Trap Card
EE2-JP168 Mazera DeVille デビルマゼラ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP169 Gigobyte ギゴバイト Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP170 Mokey Mokey もけもけ Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP171 Kozaky コザッキー Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP172 Fiend Scorpion デビルスコーピオン Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP173 Pharaoh's Servant Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP174 Pharaonic Protector (おう)()(しゅ)()(しゃ) Common Normal Monster
EE2-JP175 Spirit of the Pharaoh スピリッツ・オブ・ファラオ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP176 Theban Nightmare ナイトメアテーベ Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP177 Aswan Apparition アスワンの(ぼう)(れい) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP178 Protector of the Sanctuary (しん)殿(でん)(まも)(もの) Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP179 Nubian Guard ヌビアガード Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP180 Legacy Hunter レガシーハンター Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP181 Desertapir ()バク Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP182 Sand Gambler サンド・ギャンブラー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP183 3-Hump Lacooda みつこぶラクーダ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP184 Ghost Knight of Jackal ジャッカルの(れい)()() Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP185 Absorbing Kid from the Sky (きゅう)(しゅう)(てん)() Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP186 Elephant Statue of Blessing (めぐ)みの(ぞう) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP187 Elephant Statue of Disaster (わざわ)いの(ぞう) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP188 Spirit Caller (たましい)()(もの) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP189 Emissary of the Afterlife (めい)(かい)使()(しゃ) Super Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP190 Grave Protector グレイヴ・キーパー Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP191 Double Coston ダブルコストン Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP192 Regenerating Mummy (さい)(せい)ミイラ Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP193 Night Assailant 深淵の暗殺者(ナイト・アサシン) Rare Effect Monster
EE2-JP194 Man-Thro' Tro' (ひと)()げトロール Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP195 King of the Swamp (ぬま)()()(しん)(おう) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP196 Emissary of the Oasis オアシスの使()(しゃ) Common Effect Monster
EE2-JP197 Special Hurricane スペシャルハリケーン Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP198 Order to Charge (とつ)(げき)()(れい) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP199 Sword of the Soul-Eater (たま)()らいの()(とう) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP200 Dust Barrier ()(じん)(けっ)(かい) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP201 Soul Reversal リバースソウル Common Spell Card
EE2-JP202 Spell Economics ()(りょく)(けん)(やく)(じゅつ) Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP203 Blessings of the Nile ナイルの(めぐ) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP204 7 (セブン) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP205 Level Limit - Area B レベル(せい)(げん)()() Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP206 Enchanting Fitting Room ()()(ちゃく)()() Common Spell Card
EE2-JP207 The Law of the Normal (じゃく)(にく)(いっ)(しょく) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP208 Dark Magic Attack 黒・魔・導(ブラック・マジック) Ultra Rare Spell Card
EE2-JP209 Delta Attacker デルタ・アタッカー Common Spell Card
EE2-JP210 Thousand Energy サウザンドエナジー Common Spell Card
EE2-JP211 Triangle Power トライアングルパワー Common Spell Card
EE2-JP212 The Third Sarcophagus (だい)(さん)(ひつぎ) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP213 The Second Sarcophagus (だい)()(ひつぎ) Common Spell Card
EE2-JP214 The First Sarcophagus (だい)(いち)(ひつぎ) Super Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP215 Dora of Fate (うん)(めい)のドラ Common Trap Card
EE2-JP216 Judgment of the Desert ()(ばく)(さば) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP217 Human-Wave Tactics (じん)(かい)(せん)(じゅつ) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP218 Curse of Anubis アヌビスの(のろ) Super Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP219 Desert Sunlight ()(ばく)(ひかり) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP220 Des Counterblow デスカウンター Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP221 Labyrinth of Nightmare (あく)()(めい)(きゅう) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP222 Soul Resurrection (よみがえ)りし(たましい) Rare Trap Card
EE2-JP223 Order to Smash (ぎょく)(さい)()(れい) Common Trap Card
EE2-JP224 The End of Anubis エンド・オブ・アヌビス Ultra Rare Effect Monster

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