Expert Edition Volume.1 is a Booster Pack in the OCG. This set is the same set as Dark Revelation Volume 1 in the TCG.


  • Yami Yugi's appearance on the cover of this Booster Pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 76: "Rigged!". However, the traditional playing cards are replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards, and a Duel Disk is added to his arm.


  • Every Japanese pack contains 12 cards. Every pack contains 6 Monster Cards and 6 Spell / Trap Cards.
  • Every Korean pack contains 6 cards. Every pack contains 3 Monster Cards, and 3 Spell / Trap cards.

Unless there is a Rare / Foil card(s) in the pack, as they will take 1 spot of the other type of card.

Type-wise, this set contains:

Rarity-wise, this set contains:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
EE1-JP001 Master Kyonshee たつじんキョンシー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP002 Kabazauls おおくしゃみのカバザウルス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP003 Inpachi だいもくじんインパチ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP004 Dark Jeroid ダークジェロイド Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP005 Newdoria ニュードリュア Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP006 Helpoemer ごくじんヘルポエマー Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP007 Gravekeeper's Spy はかもりていさつしゃ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP008 Gravekeeper's Curse はかもりじゅじゅつ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP009 Gravekeeper's Guard はかもりばんぺい Common Flip monster
EE1-JP010 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier はかもりながやりへい Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP011 Gravekeeper's Vassal はかもりじゅうしゃ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP012 Gravekeeper's Watcher はかもりかんしゃ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP013 Gravekeeper's Chief はかもりおさ Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP014 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder はかもりおおづつ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP015 Gravekeeper's Assailant はかもり暗殺者アサシン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP016 A Man with Wdjat ウジャトがんおとこ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP017 Mystical Knight of Jackal ジャッカルのせいせん Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP018 A Cat of Ill Omen こうげるくろねこ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP019 Yomi Ship わたふね Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP020 Winged Sage Falcos ゆうよくけんじゃファルコス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP021 An Owl of Luck こううんげるフクロウ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP022 Charm of Shabti シャブティのおまも Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP023 Cobra Jar スネークポット Common Flip monster
EE1-JP024 Spirit Reaper たましいけずりょう Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP025 Nightmare Horse ナイトメア・ホース Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP026 Reaper on the Nightmare ナイトメアをりょう Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP027 Dark Designator やみめいしゃ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP028 Card Shuffle ショット・ガン・シャッフル Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP029 Reasoning めいすい Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP030 Dark Room of Nightmare あくごうもん Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP031 Different Dimension Capsule タイムカプセル Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP032 Necrovalley おうねむたに-ネクロバレー Super Rare Field Spell Card
EE1-JP033 Buster Rancher バスターランチャー Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP034 Hieroglyph Lithograph ヒエログリフのせきばん Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP035 Dark Snake Syndrome こくじゃびょう Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP036 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP037 Banner of Courage ゆうはたじるし Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP038 Metamorphosis 突然変異メタモルフォーゼ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP039 Royal Tribute おうにえ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP040 Reversal Quiz だいぎゃくてんクイズ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP041 Coffin Seller かんおけ Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP042 Curse of Aging ろうのろ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP043 Barrel Behind the Door ごくとびらじゅう Rare Counter Trap Card
EE1-JP044 Raigeki Break サンダー・ブレイク Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP045 Narrow Pass せまつう Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP046 Disturbance Strategy かくらんさくせん Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP047 Trap of Board Eraser こくばんしのわな Common Counter Trap Card
EE1-JP048 Rite of Spirit こうれいしき Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP049 Non Aggression Area ぜったいしんりょういき Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP050 D. Tribe りゅうけつぞく Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP051 Lava Golem ようがんじんラヴァ・ゴーレム Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP052 Byser Shock バイサー・ショック Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP053 Question クイズ Super Rare Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP054 Rope of Life いのちつな Rare Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP055 Nightmare Wheel ごうもんしゃりん Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP056 People Running About げまどうたみ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP057 Oppressed People だんあつされるたみ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP058 United Resistance だんけつするレジスタンス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP059 X-Head Cannon エックス-ヘッド・キャノン Rare Normal Monster
EE1-JP060 Y-Dragon Head ワイ-ドラゴン・ヘッド Rare Union monster
EE1-JP061 Z-Metal Tank ゼット-メタル・キャタピラー Rare Union monster
EE1-JP062 Dark Blade やみかいせん ダークソード Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP063 Pitch-Dark Dragon しっこく闘龍ドラゴン Common Union monster
EE1-JP064 Kiryu りゅう Common Union monster
EE1-JP065 Decayed Commander てたしょう Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP066 Zombie Tiger ゾンビタイガー Common Union monster
EE1-JP067 Giant Orc ジャイアント・オーク Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP068 Second Goblin セコンド・ゴブリン Common Union monster
EE1-JP069 Vampire Orchis ブラッド・オーキス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP070 Des Dendle デス・デンドル Common Union monster
EE1-JP071 Burning Beast しゃくがんじゅう Common Union monster
EE1-JP072 Freezing Beast ひょうがんじゅう Common Union monster
EE1-JP073 Union Rider ユニオン・ライダー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP074 D.D. Crazy Beast げんきょうじゅう Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP075 Spell Canceller マジック・キャンセラー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP076 Neko Mane King ネコマネキング Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP077 Helping Robo For Combat はくへいせんがたつだいロボ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP078 Dimension Jar ディメンション・ポッド Common Flip monster
EE1-JP079 Great Phantom Thief せいおおどろぼう Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP080 Roulette Barrel ルーレットボマー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP081 Paladin of White Dragon 白竜の聖騎士ナイト・オブ・ホワイトドラゴン Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
EE1-JP082 White Dragon Ritual はくりゅうこうりん Common Ritual Spell Card
EE1-JP083 Frontline Base ぜんせん Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP084 Demotion こうかくしょぶん Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP085 Combination Attack コンビネーション・アタック Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP086 Kaiser Colosseum カイザーコロシアム Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP087 Autonomous Action Unit りつこうどうユニット Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP088 Poison of the Old Man いんきょもうどくやく Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP089 Ante アンティしょう Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP090 Dark Core ブラック・コア Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP091 Raregold Armor レアゴールド・アーマー Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP092 Metalsilver Armor メタルシルバー・アーマー Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP093 Kishido Spirit どうせいしん Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP094 Tribute Doll にえ人形ドール Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP095 Wave-Motion Cannon どうキャノン Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP096 Huge Revolution だいかくめい Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP097 Thunder of Ruler しゃいっかつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP098 Spell Shield Type-8 はちしきたいほうじゅうけっかい Super Rare Counter Trap Card
EE1-JP099 Meteorain メテオ・レイン Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP100 Pineapple Blast パイナップル Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP101 Secret Barrel みマシンガン Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP102 Physical Double ぶつぶんしん Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP103 Rivalry of Warlords ぐんゆうかっきょ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP104 Formation Union フォーメーション・ユニオン Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP105 Adhesion Trap Hole ねんちゃくとしあな Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP106 XY-Dragon Cannon XYエックスワイ-ドラゴン・キャノン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP107 XYZ-Dragon Cannon XYZエックスワイゼット-ドラゴン・キャノン Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP108 XZ-Tank Cannon XZエックスゼット-キャタピラー・キャノン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP109 YZ-Tank Dragon YZワイゼット-キャタピラー・ドラゴン Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP110 Great Angus グレート・アンガス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP111 Aitsu アイツ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP112 Sonic Duck 音速ソニックダック Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP113 Luster Dragon サファイアドラゴン Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP114 Amazoness Paladin アマゾネスのせいせん Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP115 Amazoness Fighter アマゾネスのかくとうせん Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP116 Amazoness Swords Woman アマゾネスのけん Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP117 Amazoness Blowpiper アマゾネスのへい Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP118 Amazoness Tiger アマゾネスペットタイガー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP119 Skilled White Magician じゅくれんしろどう Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP120 Skilled Dark Magician じゅくれんくろじゅつ Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP121 Apprentice Magician ならじゅつ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP122 Old Vindictive Magician しゅうねんぶかろうじゅつ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP123 Chaos Command Magician カオス・マジシャン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP124 Magical Marionette 魔法の操り人形マジカル・マリオネット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP125 Pixie Knight ピクシーナイト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP126 Breaker the Magical Warrior どうせん ブレイカー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP127 Magical Plant Mandragola そう マンドラゴラ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP128 Magical Scientist どうサイエンティスト Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP129 Royal Magical Library おうりつほうしょかん Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP130 Armor Exe どうアーマー エグゼ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP131 Tribe-Infecting Virus どうぞくかんせんウィルス Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP132 Des Koala デス・コアラ Rare Flip monster
EE1-JP133 Cliff the Trap Remover くろさそりわなはずしのクリフ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP134 Magical Merchant どうざっしょうにん Common Flip monster
EE1-JP135 Koitsu コイツ Common Union monster
EE1-JP136 Cat's Ear Tribe ネコみみぞく Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP137 Ultimate Obedient Fiend ぜったいふくじゅうじん Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP138 Dark Cat with White Tail しろくろねこ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP139 Amazoness Spellcaster アマゾネスのじゅ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP140 Continuous Destruction Punch カウンターマシンガンパンチ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP141 Big Bang Shot ビッグバン・シュート Rare Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP142 Gather Your Mind せいしんとういつ Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP143 Mass Driver マスドライバー Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP144 Senri Eye せんがん Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP145 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer りゅうかいあかし Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP146 Jar Robber つぼぬす Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP147 My Body as a Shield たて Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP148 Spellbook Organization どうしょせい Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP149 Mega Ton Magical Cannon メガトンどうキャノン Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP150 Pitch-Black Power Stone しっこくのパワーストーン Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP151 Amazoness Archers アマゾネスのきゅうたい Super Rare Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP152 Dramatic Rescue きゅうしゅつげき Rare Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP153 Exhausting Spell りょくかつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP154 Hidden Spellbook かくされたどうしょ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP155 Miracle Restoring せきふっかつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP156 Remove Brainwashing せんのうかいじょ Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP157 Disarmament そうかいじょ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP158 Anti-Spell たいこうじゅつ Common Counter Trap Card
EE1-JP159 The Spell Absorbing Life せいめいりょくきゅうしゅうじゅつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP160 Dark Paladin ちょうどうけん-ブラック・パラディン Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP161 Double Spell 二重魔法ダブルマジック Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP162 Diffusion Wave-Motion かくさんするどう Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP163 Battle Footballer バトルフットボーラー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP164 Nin-Ken Dog にんけんワンダードッグ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP165 Acrobat Monkey アクロバットモンキー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP166 Arsenal Summoner ウェポンサモナー Common Flip monster
EE1-JP167 Guardian Elma ガーディアン・エルマ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP168 Guardian Ceal ガーディアン・シール Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP169 Guardian Grarl ガーディアン・グラール Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP170 Guardian Baou ガーディアン・バオウ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP171 Guardian Kay'est ガーディアン・ケースト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP172 Guardian Tryce ガーディアン・トライス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP173 Cyber Raider サイバー・レイダー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP174 Reflect Bounder きょうどうリフレクト・バウンダー Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP175 Little-Winguard リトル・ウィンガード Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP176 Des Feral Imp デスグレムリン Common Flip monster
EE1-JP177 Different Dimension Dragon げんりゅう トワイライトゾーンドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP178 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane てんかいおう シナト Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
EE1-JP179 Dark Flare Knight こくえん-ブラック・フレア・ナイト- Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
EE1-JP180 Mirage Knight げんえい-ミラージュ・ナイト- Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP181 Berserk Dragon バーサーク・デッド・ドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP182 Exodia Necross エクゾディア・ネクロス Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP183 Gyaku-Gire Panda ぎゃくギレパンダ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP184 Blindly Loyal Goblin もうしんするゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP185 Despair from the Dark やみよりでしぜつぼう Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP186 Maju Garzett ごうせいじゅう ガーゼット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP187 Fear from the Dark やみよりのきょう Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP188 Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow くろさそりあしのチック Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP189 D.D. Warrior Lady げんおんなせん Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP190 Thousand Needles 針千本サウザンド•ニードル Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP191 Shinato's Ark せきはこぶね Common Ritual Spell Card
EE1-JP192 A Deal with Dark Ruler デーモンとの Common Quick-Play Spell Card
EE1-JP193 Contract with Exodia エクゾディアとのけいやく Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP194 Butterfly Dagger - Elma ちょうたんけん-エルマ Rare Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP195 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal りゅうせいゆみ-シール Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP196 Gravity Axe - Grarl じゅうりょくおの-グラール Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP197 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou じゃたいけん-バオウ Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP198 Rod of Silence - Kay'est せいじゃくのロッド-ケースト Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP199 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce せんこうそうけん-トライス Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP200 Precious Cards from Beyond めいかいほうさつ Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP201 Rod of the Mind's Eye しんがんほこ Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP202 Fairy of the Spring いずみせいれい Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP203 Token Thanksgiving トークンしゅうかくさい Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP204 Morale Boost こうよう Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP205 Non-Spellcasting Area ぜったいほうきんいき Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP206 Different Dimension Gate げんかくマシーン Rare Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP207 Final Attack Orders さいしゅうとつげきめいれい Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP208 Staunch Defender ちはだかるきょうてき Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP209 Ojama Trio おジャマトリオ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP210 Arsenal Robber らし Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP211 Skill Drain スキルドレイン Rare Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP212 Really Eternal Rest だいじょうぶつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP213 Kaiser Glider カイザー・グライダー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP214 Interdimensional Matter Transporter くうかんぶっしつてんそうそう Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP215 Cost Down コストダウン Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP216 Gagagigo ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP217 D.D. Trainer げんトレーナー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP218 Ojama Green おジャマ・グリーン Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP219 Archfiend Soldier デーモン・ソルジャー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP220 Pandemonium Watchbear ごくばんぐま Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP221 Sasuke Samurai #2 ごんどうだんざむらい Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP222 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong くろさそりごうりきのゴーグ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP223 Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn くろさそりいばらのミーネ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP224 Outstanding Dog Marron めいけんマロン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP225 Great Maju Garzett 偉大グレートじゅう ガーゼット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP226 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu めいこう てつ Common Flip monster
EE1-JP227 Goblin of Greed ごうよくゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP228 Mefist the Infernal General 地獄将軍ヘルジェネラル・メフィスト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP229 Vilepawn Archfiend ヘルポーンデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP230 Shadowknight Archfiend シャドウナイトデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP231 Darkbishop Archfiend ダークビショップデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP232 Desrook Archfiend デスルークデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP233 Infernalqueen Archfiend インフェルノクインデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP234 Terrorking Archfiend ジェノサイドキングデーモン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP235 Skull Archfiend of Lightning じんらいおう-スカル・デーモン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP236 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite メタルせいせいぶつ-ルナタイト Common Union monster
EE1-JP237 Tsukuyomi 月読命ツクヨミ Common Spirit monster
EE1-JP238 Mudora ムドラ Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP239 Keldo ケルドウ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP240 Kelbek ケルベク Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP241 Zolga ゾルガ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP242 Agido アギド Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP243 Legendary Flame Lord でんせつ爆炎使いフレイム・ロード Rare Effect Ritual Monster
EE1-JP244 Dark Master - Zorc 闇の支配者ダーク・マスター-ゾーク Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
EE1-JP245 Spell Reproduction ほうさいせい Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP246 Dragged Down into the Grave はかあなみち Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP247 Incandescent Ordeal しゃくねつれん Common Ritual Spell Card
EE1-JP248 Contract with the Abyss らくとのけいやく Common Ritual Spell Card
EE1-JP249 Contract with the Dark Master やみはいしゃとのけいやく Common Ritual Spell Card
EE1-JP250 Falling Down 堕落フォーリン・ダウン Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP251 Checkmate ディスカバード・アタック Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP252 Cestus of Dagla ダグラのつるぎ Common Equip Spell Card
EE1-JP253 Final Countdown しゅうえんのカウントダウン Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP254 Archfiend's Oath デーモンのせんこく Common Continuous Spell Card
EE1-JP255 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions くろさそりだんしょうしゅう Common Normal Spell Card
EE1-JP256 Pandemonium 万魔殿パンディモニウムあくそうくつ Rare Field Spell Card
EE1-JP257 Altar for Tribute いけにえさいだん Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP258 Frozen Soul たましいひょうけつ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP259 Battle-Scarred こくいん Common Continuous Trap Card
EE1-JP260 Dark Scorpion Combination ひっさつくろさそりコンビネーション Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP261 Archfiend's Roar デーモンのたけ Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP262 Dice Re-Roll リバースダイス Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP263 Spell Vanishing じゅじゅつまっしょう Rare Counter Trap Card
EE1-JP264 Sakuretsu Armor 炸裂装甲リアクティブアーマー Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP265 Ray of Hope ぼうひかり Common Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP266 Blast Held by a Tribute いけにえばくだん Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
EE1-JP267 Judgment of Anubis アヌビスのさば Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
HGP1-KR001 Master Kyonshee 달인 강시 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR002 Kabazauls 재채기 하마사우루스 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR003 Inpachi 대목인18 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR004 Dark Jeroid 다크 제로이드 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR005 Newdoria 뉴도리아 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR006 Helpoemer 지옥시인 헬포에머 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR007 Gravekeeper's Spy 묘지기의 정찰자 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR008 Gravekeeper's Curse 묘지기의 주술사 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR009 Gravekeeper's Guard 묘지기의 파수병 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR010 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier 묘지기의 창기병 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR011 Gravekeeper's Vassal 묘지기의 추종자 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR012 Gravekeeper's Watcher 묘지기의 감시자 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR013 Gravekeeper's Chief 묘지기의 장 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR014 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder 묘지기의 대포병 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR015 Gravekeeper's Assailant 묘지기의 암살자 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR016 A Man with Wdjat 우자트의 눈을 가진 남자 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR017 Mystical Knight of Jackal 자칼의 성전사 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR018 A Cat of Ill Omen 불행을 알리는 검은고양이 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR019 Yomi Ship 황천으로 건너는 배 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR020 Winged Sage Falcos 비행현자 팔코스 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR021 An Owl of Luck 행운을 알리는 올빼미 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR022 Charm of Shabti 샤브티의 부적 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR023 Cobra Jar 스네이크 포트 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR024 Spirit Reaper 영혼을 깎는 사령 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR025 Nightmare Horse 나이트메어 호스 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR026 Reaper on the Nightmare 나이트메어를 쫓는 사령 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR027 Dark Designator 어둠의 지명자 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR028 Card Shuffle 숏건 셔플 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR029 Reasoning 명추리 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR030 Dark Room of Nightmare 악몽의 고문실 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR031 Different Dimension Capsule 타임 캡슐 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR032 Necrovalley 왕가의 골짜기-네크로밸리 Super Rare Field Spell Card
HGP1-KR033 Buster Rancher 버스터 런처 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR034 Hieroglyph Lithograph 히에로글리프의 석판 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR035 Dark Snake Syndrome 흑사병 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR036 Terraforming 테라포밍 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR037 Banner of Courage 용기의 깃발 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR038 Metamorphosis 돌연변이 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR039 Royal Tribute 왕가의 제물 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR040 Reversal Quiz 대역전 퀴즈 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR041 Coffin Seller 관장수 Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR042 Curse of Aging 노화의 저주 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR043 Barrel Behind the Door 지옥문 저편의 총 Rare Counter Trap Card
HGP1-KR044 Raigeki Break 썬더 브레이크 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR045 Narrow Pass 좁은 통로 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR046 Disturbance Strategy 교란작전 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR047 Trap of Board Eraser 칠판지우개의 함정 Common Counter Trap Card
HGP1-KR048 Rite of Spirit 강령의 의식 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR049 Non Aggression Area 절대 불가침 영역 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR050 D. Tribe 용의 혈족 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR051 Lava Golem 용암 마신 라바 골렘 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR052 Byser Shock 바이서 쇼크 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR053 Question 퀴즈 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR054 Rope of Life 생명의 줄 Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR055 Nightmare Wheel 고문 바퀴 Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR056 People Running About 도망가는 시민 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR057 Oppressed People 탄압받는 시민 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR058 United Resistance 단결하는 레지스탕스 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR059 X-Head Cannon X-헤드 캐논 Rare Normal Monster
HGP1-KR060 Y-Dragon Head Y-드래곤 헤드 Rare Union monster
HGP1-KR061 Z-Metal Tank Z-메탈 캐터필러 Rare Union monster
HGP1-KR062 Dark Blade 암흑 마계의 전사 다크 스워드 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR063 Pitch-Dark Dragon 칠흑의 전투용 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR064 Kiryu 기사용 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR065 Decayed Commander 부패한 무장 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR066 Zombie Tiger 좀비 타이거 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR067 Giant Orc 자이언트오크 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR068 Second Goblin 세컨드 고블린 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR069 Vampire Orchis 블러드 오키스 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR070 Des Dendle 데스 덴들 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR071 Burning Beast 작암마수 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR072 Freezing Beast 빙암마수 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR073 Union Rider 유니온 라이더 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR074 D.D. Crazy Beast 이차원의 야수 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR075 Spell Canceller 매직 캔슬러 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR076 Neko Mane King 고양이 마네킹 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR077 Helping Robo For Combat 백병전형 심부름 로봇 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR078 Dimension Jar 디멘션 포드 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR079 Great Phantom Thief 세기의 대도둑 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR080 Roulette Barrel 룰렛 폭탄 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR081 Paladin of White Dragon 백룡의 성기사 Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HGP1-KR082 White Dragon Ritual 백룡강림 Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP1-KR083 Frontline Base 전선기지 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR084 Demotion 강격처분 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR085 Combination Attack 콤비네이션 어택 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR086 Kaiser Colosseum 카이저 콜로세움 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR087 Autonomous Action Unit 자율행동 유닛 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR088 Poison of the Old Man 노인의 맹독약 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR089 Ante 앤티 승부 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR090 Dark Core 블랙 코어 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR091 Raregold Armor 레어골드 아머 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR092 Metalsilver Armor 메탈실버 아머 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR093 Kishido Spirit 기사도정신 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR094 Tribute Doll 제물 인형 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR095 Wave-Motion Cannon 파동 캐논 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR096 Huge Revolution 대혁명 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR097 Thunder of Ruler 지배자의 일괄 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR098 Spell Shield Type-8 8식대 마법다중결계 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
HGP1-KR099 Meteorain 메테오 레인 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR100 Pineapple Blast 파인애플 폭탄 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR101 Secret Barrel 비밀병기 머신건 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR102 Physical Double 물리분신 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR103 Rivalry of Warlords 군웅할거 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR104 Formation Union 포메이션 유니온 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR105 Adhesion Trap Hole 끈끈이 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR106 XY-Dragon Cannon XY-드래곤 캐논 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR107 XYZ-Dragon Cannon XYZ-드래곤 캐논 Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR108 XZ-Tank Cannon XZ-캐터필러 캐논 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR109 YZ-Tank Dragon YZ-캐터필러 드래곤 Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR110 Great Angus 그레이트 앵거스 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR111 Aitsu 아이츠 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR112 Sonic Duck 음속 덕 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR113 Luster Dragon 사파이어 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR114 Amazoness Paladin 아마조네스의 성기사 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR115 Amazoness Fighter 아마조네스의 격투전사 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR116 Amazoness Swords Woman 아마조네스의 검사 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR117 Amazoness Blowpiper 아마조네스의 취관병 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR118 Amazoness Tiger 아마조네스의 애완호랑이 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR119 Skilled White Magician 숙련된 백마도사 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR120 Skilled Dark Magician 숙련된 흑마술사 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR121 Apprentice Magician 견습 마술사 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR122 Old Vindictive Magician 집념의 노마술사 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR123 Chaos Command Magician 카오스 매지션 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR124 Magical Marionette 마법의 꼭두각시 인형 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR125 Pixie Knight 픽시 나이트 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR126 Breaker the Magical Warrior 마도전사 브레이커 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR127 Magical Plant Mandragola 마법초 만드라고라 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR128 Magical Scientist 마도 사이언티스트 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR129 Royal Magical Library 왕립 마법도서관 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR130 Armor Exe 마도 아머 에그제 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR131 Tribe-Infecting Virus 동족 감염 바이러스 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR132 Des Koala 데스 코알라 Rare Flip monster
HGP1-KR133 Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Trap Remover 전갈-함정 해제의 클리프 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR134 Magical Merchant 마도 잡화상인 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR135 Koitsu 코이츠 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR136 Cat's Ear Tribe 고양이귀족 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR137 Ultimate Obedient Fiend 절대복종 마인 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR138 Dark Cat with White Tail 흰꼬리의검은 고양이 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR139 Amazoness Spellcaster 아마조네스의 주술사 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR140 Continuous Destruction Punch 카운터 머신건 펀치 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR141 Big Bang Shot 빅뱅 슛 Rare Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR142 Gather Your Mind 정신통일 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR143 Mass Driver 매스 드라이버 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR144 Senri Eye 천리안 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR145 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer 용파괴의 상징 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR146 Jar Robber 항아리 도둑 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR147 My Body as a Shield 내몸을 방패로 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR148 Spellbook Organization 마도서 정리 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR149 Mega Ton Magical Cannon 메가톤 마도 캐논 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR150 Pitch-Black Power Stone 칠흑의 파워 스톤 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR151 Amazoness Archers 아마조네스의 궁수대 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR152 Dramatic Rescue 구출극 Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR153 Exhausting Spell 마력고갈 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR154 Hidden Spellbook 숨겨진 마도서 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR155 Miracle Restoring 기적의 부활 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR156 Remove Brainwashing 세뇌 해제 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR157 Disarmament 무장 해제 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR158 Anti-Spell 대항 마술 Common Counter Trap Card
HGP1-KR159 The Spell Absorbing Life 생명력 흡수 마술 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR160 Dark Paladin 초마도검사 블랙 파라딘 Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR161 Double Spell 이중마법 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR162 Diffusion Wave-Motion 확산하는 파동 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR163 Battle Footballer 배틀 풋볼러 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR164 Nin-Ken Dog 닌자견 원더독 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR165 Acrobat Monkey 애크러뱃 멍키 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR166 Arsenal Summoner 웨폰 서머너 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR167 Guardian Elma 가디언 엘마 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR168 Guardian Ceal 가디언 실 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR169 Guardian Grarl 가디언 그랄 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR170 Guardian Baou 가디언 바오우 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR171 Guardian Kay'est 가디언 케이스트 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR172 Guardian Tryce 가디언 트라이스 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR173 Cyber Raider 사이버 레이더 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR174 Reflect Bounder 마경도사 리플렉트 바운더 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR175 Little-Winguard 리틀 윈가드 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR176 Des Feral Imp 데스 그렘린 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR177 Different Dimension Dragon 트와이라이트존 드래곤 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR178 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane 천계왕 시나토 Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HGP1-KR179 Dark Flare Knight 블랙 플레어 나이트 Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HGP1-KR180 Mirage Knight 미라지 나이트 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR181 Berserk Dragon 버서크 데드 드래곤 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR182 Exodia Necross 엑조디아 네크로스 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR183 Gyaku-Gire Panda 분노 팬더 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR184 Blindly Loyal Goblin 맹신하는 고블린 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR185 Despair from the Dark 어둠에서 나온 절망 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR186 Maju Garzett 합성마수 가제트 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR187 Fear from the Dark 어둠에서 오는 공포 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR188 Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow 전갈-도주하는 치크 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR189 D.D. Warrior Lady 이차원의 여전사 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR190 Thousand Needles 천개가시 고슴도치 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR191 Shinato's Ark 기적의 방주 Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP1-KR192 A Deal with Dark Ruler 데몬과의 거래 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
HGP1-KR193 Contract with Exodia 엑조디아와의 계약 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR194 Butterfly Dagger - Elma 나비의 단검-엘마 Rare Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR195 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal 유성의 활-실 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR196 Gravity Axe - Grarl 중력의 도끼-그랄 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR197 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou 파사의 대검-바오우 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR198 Rod of Silence - Kay'est 정적의 로드-케이스트 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR199 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce 섬광의 쌍검-트라이스 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR200 Precious Cards from Beyond 명계의 패 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR201 Rod of the Mind's Eye 심안의 지팡이 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR202 Fairy of the Spring 샘의 정령 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR203 Token Thanksgiving 토큰 수확축제 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR204 Morale Boost 사기고양 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR205 Non-Spellcasting Area 절대 마법 금지구역 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR206 Different Dimension Gate 이차원 격리장치 Rare Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR207 Final Attack Orders 최후 돌격명령 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR208 Staunch Defender 가로막는 강적 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR209 Ojama Trio 방해꾼 트리오 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR210 Arsenal Robber 무기창고 도굴꾼 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR211 Skill Drain 스킬 드레인 Rare Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR212 Really Eternal Rest 대성불 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR213 Kaiser Glider 카이저 글라이더 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR214 Interdimensional Matter Transporter 아공간 물질 전송장치 Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR215 Cost Down 코스트 다운 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR216 Gagagigo 가가기고 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR217 D.D. Trainer 이차원 트레이너 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR218 Ojama Green 방해꾼 그린 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR219 Archfiend Soldier 데몬 솔저 Common Normal Monster
HGP1-KR220 Pandemonium Watchbear 지옥의 파수곰 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR221 Sasuke Samurai #2 언어도단 사무라이 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR222 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong 전갈-강력한 고그 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR223 Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn 전갈-가시의 미네 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR224 Outstanding Dog Marron 미아견 마론 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR225 Great Maju Garzett 위대한 마수 가제트 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR226 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu 명공 호철 Common Flip monster
HGP1-KR227 Goblin of Greed 욕망의 고블린 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR228 Mefist the Infernal General 지옥장군 메피스트 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR229 Vilepawn Archfiend 헬폰 데몬 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR230 Shadowknight Archfiend 섀도우 나이트 데몬 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR231 Darkbishop Archfiend 다크 비숍 데몬 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR232 Desrook Archfiend 데스룩 데몬 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR233 Infernalqueen Archfiend 인페르노퀸 데몬 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR234 Terrorking Archfiend 제노사이드킹 데몬 Super Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR235 Skull Archfiend of Lightning 신뢰의마왕-스컬데몬 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR236 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite 메탈화 기생생물-루나타이트 Common Union monster
HGP1-KR237 Tsukuyomi 쓰쿠요미 Common Spirit monster
HGP1-KR238 Mudora 무도라 Rare Effect Monster
HGP1-KR239 Keldo 켈도 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR240 Kelbek 켈벡 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR241 Zolga 졸가 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR242 Agido 아기도 Common Effect Monster
HGP1-KR243 Legendary Flame Lord 전설의 폭염사 Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HGP1-KR244 Dark Master - Zorc 어둠의 지배자-조크 Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HGP1-KR245 Spell Reproduction 마법 재생 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR246 Dragged Down into the Grave 무덤으로의 동반 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR247 Incandescent Ordeal 작열의 시련 Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP1-KR248 Contract with the Abyss 나락과의 계약 Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP1-KR249 Contract with the Dark Master 어둠의 지배자와의 계약 Common Ritual Spell Card
HGP1-KR250 Falling Down 타락 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR251 Checkmate 디스커버드 어택 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR252 Cestus of Dagla 다그라의 검 Common Equip Spell Card
HGP1-KR253 Final Countdown 종언의 카운트 다운 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR254 Archfiend's Oath 데몬의 선고 Common Continuous Spell Card
HGP1-KR255 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions 전갈단 소집 Common Normal Spell Card
HGP1-KR256 Pandemonium 팬더모니엄-악마의 소굴- Rare Field Spell Card
HGP1-KR257 Altar for Tribute 제물의 제단 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR258 Frozen Soul 영혼의 빙결 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR259 Battle-Scarred 혈의 각인 Common Continuous Trap Card
HGP1-KR260 Dark Scorpion Combination 필살! 전갈 콤비네이션 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR261 Archfiend's Roar 데몬의 포효 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR262 Dice Re-Roll 리버스 다이스 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR263 Spell Vanishing 주술 말소 Rare Counter Trap Card
HGP1-KR264 Sakuretsu Armor 작렬 장갑 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR265 Ray of Hope 희망의 빛 Common Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR266 Blast Held by a Tribute 제물이 감춘 폭탄 Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
HGP1-KR267 Judgment of Anubis 아누비스의 심판 Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card

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