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Expert Edition Volume.1
  • Expert Edition Volume.1



하이 그레이드 팩1


High Grade Pack 1

Set information


  • EE1 (jp)
  • HGP1 (kr)
Number of cards


Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • September 23, 2004
  • July 6, 2006

Expert Edition Volume.1

Expert Edition Volume.1 is a Booster Pack in the OCG. This set is the same set as Dark Revelation Volume 1 in the TCG.


  • Yami Yugi's appearance on the cover of this Booster Pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 76: "Rigged!". However, the traditional playing cards are replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards, and a Duel Disk is added to his arm.


Every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Expert Edition Volume.1 (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, and 1 Tip Card.

Type-wise, this set contains:

Rarity-wise, this set contains: Overall this set contains:



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Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
EE1-JP001 Master Kyonshee (たつ)(じん)キョンシー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP002 Kabazauls (おお)くしゃみのカバザウルス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP003 Inpachi (だい)(もく)(じん)(イン)(パチ) Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP004 Dark Jeroid ダークジェロイド Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP005 Newdoria ニュードリュア Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP006 Helpoemer ()(ごく)()(じん)ヘルポエマー Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP007 Gravekeeper's Spy (はか)(もり)(てい)(さつ)(しゃ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP008 Gravekeeper's Curse (はか)(もり)(じゅ)(じゅつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP009 Gravekeeper's Guard (はか)(もり)(ばん)(ぺい) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP010 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier (はか)(もり)(なが)(やり)(へい) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP011 Gravekeeper's Vassal (はか)(もり)(じゅう)(しゃ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP012 Gravekeeper's Watcher (はか)(もり)(かん)()(しゃ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP013 Gravekeeper's Chief (はか)(もり)(おさ) Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP014 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder (はか)(もり)(おお)(づつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP015 Gravekeeper's Assailant (はか)(もり)暗殺者(アサシン) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP016 A Man with Wdjat ウジャト(がん)()(おとこ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP017 Mystical Knight of Jackal ジャッカルの(せい)(せん)() Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP018 A Cat of Ill Omen ()(こう)()げる(くろ)(ねこ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP019 Yomi Ship ()()(わた)(ふね) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP020 Winged Sage Falcos (ゆう)(よく)(けん)(じゃ)ファルコス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP021 An Owl of Luck (こう)(うん)()げるフクロウ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP022 Charm of Shabti シャブティのお(まも) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP023 Cobra Jar スネークポット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP024 Spirit Reaper (たましい)(けず)()(りょう) Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP025 Nightmare Horse ナイトメア・ホース Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP026 Reaper on the Nightmare ナイトメアを()()(りょう) Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP027 Dark Designator (やみ)()(めい)(しゃ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP028 Card Shuffle ショット・ガン・シャッフル Common Spell Card
EE1-JP029 Reasoning (めい)(すい)() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP030 Dark Room of Nightmare (あく)()(ごう)(もん)()() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP031 Different Dimension Capsule タイムカプセル Common Spell Card
EE1-JP032 Necrovalley (おう)()(ねむ)(たに)-ネクロバレー Super Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP033 Buster Rancher バスターランチャー Common Spell Card
EE1-JP034 Hieroglyph Lithograph ヒエログリフの(せき)(ばん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP035 Dark Snake Syndrome (こく)(じゃ)(びょう) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP036 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Common Spell Card
EE1-JP037 Banner of Courage (ゆう)()(はた)(じるし) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP038 Metamorphosis 突然変異(メタモルフォーゼ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP039 Royal Tribute (おう)()()(にえ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP040 Reversal Quiz (だい)(ぎゃく)(てん)クイズ Common Spell Card
EE1-JP041 Coffin Seller (かん)(おけ)() Super Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP042 Curse of Aging (ろう)()(のろ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP043 Barrel Behind the Door ()(ごく)(とびら)()(じゅう) Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP044 Raigeki Break サンダー・ブレイク Common Trap Card
EE1-JP045 Narrow Pass (せま)(つう)() Common Trap Card
EE1-JP046 Disturbance Strategy (かく)(らん)(さく)(せん) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP047 Trap of Board Eraser (こく)(ばん)()しの(わな) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP048 Rite of Spirit (こう)(れい)()(しき) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP049 Non Aggression Area (ぜっ)(たい)()()(しん)(りょう)(いき) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP050 D. Tribe (りゅう)(けつ)(ぞく) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP051 Lava Golem (よう)(がん)()(じん)ラヴァ・ゴーレム Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP052 Byser Shock バイサー・ショック Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP053 Question クイズ Super Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP054 Rope of Life (いのち)(つな) Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP055 Nightmare Wheel (ごう)(もん)(しゃ)(りん) Ultra Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP056 People Running About ()げまどう(たみ) Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP057 Oppressed People (だん)(あつ)される(たみ) Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP058 United Resistance (だん)(けつ)するレジスタンス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP059 X-Head Cannon (エックス)-ヘッド・キャノン Rare Normal Monster
EE1-JP060 Y-Dragon Head (ワイ)-ドラゴン・ヘッド Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP061 Z-Metal Tank (ゼット)-メタル・キャタピラー Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP062 Dark Blade (やみ)()(かい)(せん)() ダークソード Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP063 Pitch-Dark Dragon (しっ)(こく)闘龍(ドラゴン) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP064 Kiryu ()(りゅう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP065 Decayed Commander ()()てた()(しょう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP066 Zombie Tiger ゾンビタイガー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP067 Giant Orc ジャイアント・オーク Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP068 Second Goblin セコンド・ゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP069 Vampire Orchis ブラッド・オーキス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP070 Des Dendle デス・デンドル Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP071 Burning Beast (しゃく)(がん)()(じゅう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP072 Freezing Beast (ひょう)(がん)()(じゅう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP073 Union Rider ユニオン・ライダー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP074 D.D. Crazy Beast ()()(げん)(きょう)(じゅう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP075 Spell Canceller マジック・キャンセラー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP076 Neko Mane King ネコマネキング Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP077 Helping Robo For Combat (はく)(へい)(せん)(がた)()(つだ)いロボ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP078 Dimension Jar ディメンション・ポッド Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP079 Great Phantom Thief (せい)()(だい)(どろ)(ぼう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP080 Roulette Barrel ルーレットボマー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP081 Paladin of White Dragon 白竜の聖騎士(ナイト・オブ・ホワイトドラゴン) Super Rare Ritual Monster
EE1-JP082 White Dragon Ritual (はく)(りゅう)(こう)(りん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP083 Frontline Base (ぜん)(せん)()() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP084 Demotion (こう)(かく)(しょ)(ぶん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP085 Combination Attack コンビネーション・アタック Common Spell Card
EE1-JP086 Kaiser Colosseum カイザーコロシアム Common Spell Card
EE1-JP087 Autonomous Action Unit ()(りつ)(こう)(どう)ユニット Common Spell Card
EE1-JP088 Poison of the Old Man (いん)(きょ)(もう)(どく)(やく) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP089 Ante アンティ(しょう)() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP090 Dark Core ブラック・コア Common Spell Card
EE1-JP091 Raregold Armor レアゴールド・アーマー Common Spell Card
EE1-JP092 Metalsilver Armor メタルシルバー・アーマー Common Spell Card
EE1-JP093 Kishido Spirit ()()(どう)(せい)(しん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP094 Tribute Doll ()(にえ)人形(ドール) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP095 Wave-Motion Cannon ()(どう)キャノン Common Spell Card
EE1-JP096 Huge Revolution (だい)(かく)(めい) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP097 Thunder of Ruler ()(しゃ)(いっ)(かつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP098 Spell Shield Type-8 (はち)(しき)(たい)()(ほう)()(じゅう)(けっ)(かい) Super Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP099 Meteorain メテオ ・ レイン Common Trap Card
EE1-JP100 Pineapple Blast パイナップル()() Common Trap Card
EE1-JP101 Secret Barrel ()()みマシンガン Common Trap Card
EE1-JP102 Physical Double (ぶつ)()(ぶん)(しん) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP103 Rivalry of Warlords (ぐん)(ゆう)(かっ)(きょ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP104 Formation Union フォーメーション ・ ユニオン Common Trap Card
EE1-JP105 Adhesion Trap Hole (ねん)(ちゃく)()とし(あな) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP106 XY-Dragon Cannon XY(エックスワイ)-ドラゴン・キャノン Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP107 XYZ-Dragon Cannon XYZ(エックスワイゼット)-ドラゴン・キャノン Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP108 XZ-Tank Cannon XZ(エックスゼット)-キャタピラー・キャノン Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP109 YZ-Tank Dragon YZ(ワイゼット)-キャタピラー・ドラゴン Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP110 Great Angus グレート・アンガス Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP111 Aitsu アイツ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP112 Sonic Duck 音速(ソニック)ダック Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP113 Luster Dragon サファイアドラゴン Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP114 Amazoness Paladin アマゾネスの(せい)(せん)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP115 Amazoness Fighter アマゾネスの(かく)(とう)(せん)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP116 Amazoness Swords Woman アマゾネスの(けん)() Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP117 Amazoness Blowpiper アマゾネスの()()(へい) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP118 Amazoness Tiger アマゾネスペット(タイガー) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP119 Skilled White Magician (じゅく)(れん)(しろ)()(どう)() Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP120 Skilled Dark Magician (じゅく)(れん)(くろ)()(じゅつ)() Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP121 Apprentice Magician ()(なら)()(じゅつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP122 Old Vindictive Magician (しゅう)(ねん)(ぶか)(ろう)()(じゅつ)() Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP123 Chaos Command Magician カオス・マジシャン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP124 Magical Marionette 魔法の操り人形(マジカル・マリオネット) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP125 Pixie Knight ピクシーナイト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP126 Breaker the Magical Warrior ()(どう)(せん)() ブレイカー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP127 Magical Plant Mandragola ()(そう) マンドラゴラ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP128 Magical Scientist ()(どう)サイエンティスト Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP129 Royal Magical Library (おう)(りつ)()(ほう)()(しょ)(かん) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP130 Armor Exe ()(どう)アーマー エグゼ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP131 Tribe-Infecting Virus (どう)(ぞく)(かん)(せん)ウィルス Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP132 Des Koala デス・コアラ Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP133 Cliff the Trap Remover (くろ)(さそり)(わな)はずしのクリフ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP134 Magical Merchant ()(どう)(ざっ)()(しょう)(にん) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP135 Koitsu コイツ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP136 Cat's Ear Tribe ネコ(みみ)(ぞく) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP137 Ultimate Obedient Fiend (ぜっ)(たい)(ふく)(じゅう)()(じん) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP138 Dark Cat with White Tail ()(しろ)(くろ)(ねこ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP139 Amazoness Spellcaster アマゾネスの(じゅ)()() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP140 Continuous Destruction Punch カウンターマシンガンパンチ Common Spell Card
EE1-JP141 Big Bang Shot ビッグバン・シュート Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP142 Gather Your Mind (せい)(しん)(とう)(いつ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP143 Mass Driver マスドライバー Common Spell Card
EE1-JP144 Senri Eye (せん)()(がん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP145 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer (りゅう)()(かい)(あかし) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP146 Jar Robber (つぼ)(ぬす) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP147 My Body as a Shield ()()(たて) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP148 Spellbook Organization ()(どう)(しょ)(せい)() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP149 Mega Ton Magical Cannon メガトン()(どう)キャノン Common Spell Card
EE1-JP150 Pitch-Black Power Stone (しっ)(こく)のパワーストーン Common Trap Card
EE1-JP151 Amazoness Archers アマゾネスの()(きゅう)(たい) Super Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP152 Dramatic Rescue (きゅう)(しゅつ)(げき) Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP153 Exhausting Spell ()(りょく)()(かつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP154 Hidden Spellbook (かく)された()(どう)(しょ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP155 Miracle Restoring ()(せき)(ふっ)(かつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP156 Remove Brainwashing (せん)(のう)(かい)(じょ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP157 Disarmament ()(そう)(かい)(じょ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP158 Anti-Spell (たい)(こう)()(じゅつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP159 The Spell Absorbing Life (せい)(めい)(りょく)(きゅう)(しゅう)()(じゅつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP160 Dark Paladin (ちょう)()(どう)(けん)()-ブラック・パラディン Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP161 Double Spell 二重魔法(ダブルマジック) Ultra Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP162 Diffusion Wave-Motion (かく)(さん)する()(どう) Ultra Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP163 Battle Footballer バトルフットボーラー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP164 Nin-Ken Dog (にん)(けん)ワンダードッグ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP165 Acrobat Monkey アクロバットモンキー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP166 Arsenal Summoner ウェポンサモナー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP167 Guardian Elma ガーディアン・エルマ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP168 Guardian Ceal ガーディアン・シール Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP169 Guardian Grarl ガーディアン・グラール Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP170 Guardian Baou ガーディアン・バオウ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP171 Guardian Kay'est ガーディアン・ケースト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP172 Guardian Tryce ガーディアン・トライス Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP173 Cyber Raider サイバー・レイダー Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP174 Reflect Bounder ()(きょう)(どう)()リフレクト・バウンダー Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP175 Little-Winguard リトル・ウィンガード Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP176 Des Feral Imp デスグレムリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP177 Different Dimension Dragon ()()(げん)(りゅう) トワイライトゾーンドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP178 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane (てん)(かい)(おう) シナト Super Rare Ritual Monster
EE1-JP179 Dark Flare Knight (こく)(えん)()()-ブラック・フレア・ナイト- Super Rare Fusion Monster
EE1-JP180 Mirage Knight (げん)(えい)()()-ミラージュ・ナイト- Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP181 Berserk Dragon バーサーク・デッド・ドラゴン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP182 Exodia Necross エクゾディア・ネクロス Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP183 Gyaku-Gire Panda (ぎゃく)ギレパンダ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP184 Blindly Loyal Goblin (もう)(しん)するゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP185 Despair from the Dark (やみ)より()でし(ぜつ)(ぼう) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP186 Maju Garzett (ごう)(せい)()(じゅう) ガーゼット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP187 Fear from the Dark (やみ)よりの(きょう)() Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP188 Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow (くろ)(さそり)()(あし)のチック Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP189 D.D. Warrior Lady ()()(げん)(おんな)(せん)() Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP190 Thousand Needles 針千本(サウザンド•ニードル) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP191 Shinato's Ark ()(せき)(はこ)(ぶね) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP192 A Deal with Dark Ruler デーモンとの()() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP193 Contract with Exodia エクゾディアとの(けい)(やく) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP194 Butterfly Dagger - Elma (ちょう)(たん)(けん)-エルマ Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP195 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal (りゅう)(せい)(ゆみ)-シール Common Spell Card
EE1-JP196 Gravity Axe - Grarl (じゅう)(りょく)(おの)-グラール Common Spell Card
EE1-JP197 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou ()(じゃ)(たい)(けん)-バオウ Common Spell Card
EE1-JP198 Rod of Silence - Kay'est (せい)(じゃく)のロッド-ケースト Common Spell Card
EE1-JP199 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce (せん)(こう)(そう)(けん)-トライス Common Spell Card
EE1-JP200 Precious Cards from Beyond (めい)(かい)(ほう)(さつ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP201 Rod of the Mind's Eye (しん)(がん)(ほこ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP202 Fairy of the Spring (いずみ)(せい)(れい) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP203 Token Thanksgiving トークン(しゅう)(かく)(さい) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP204 Morale Boost ()()(こう)(よう) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP205 Non-Spellcasting Area (ぜっ)(たい)()(ほう)(きん)()()(いき) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP206 Different Dimension Gate ()()(げん)(かく)()マシーン Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP207 Final Attack Orders (さい)(しゅう)(とつ)(げき)(めい)(れい) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP208 Staunch Defender ()ちはだかる(きょう)(てき) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP209 Ojama Trio おジャマトリオ Common Trap Card
EE1-JP210 Arsenal Robber ()()()()らし Common Trap Card
EE1-JP211 Skill Drain スキルドレイン Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP212 Really Eternal Rest (だい)(じょう)(ぶつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP213 Kaiser Glider カイザー・グライダー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP214 Interdimensional Matter Transporter ()(くう)(かん)(ぶっ)(しつ)(てん)(そう)(そう)() Ultra Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP215 Cost Down コストダウン Ultra Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP216 Gagagigo ガガギゴ Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP217 D.D. Trainer ()()(げん)トレーナー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP218 Ojama Green おジャマ・グリーン Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP219 Archfiend Soldier デーモン・ソルジャー Common Normal Monster
EE1-JP220 Pandemonium Watchbear ()(ごく)(ばん)(ぐま) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP221 Sasuke Samurai #2 (ごん)()(どう)(だん)(ざむらい) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP222 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong (くろ)(さそり)(ごう)(りき)のゴーグ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP223 Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn (くろ)(さそり)(いばら)のミーネ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP224 Outstanding Dog Marron (めい)(けん)マロン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP225 Great Maju Garzett 偉大(グレート)()(じゅう) ガーゼット Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP226 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu (めい)(こう) ()(てつ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP227 Goblin of Greed (ごう)(よく)ゴブリン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP228 Mefist the Infernal General 地獄将軍(ヘルジェネラル)・メフィスト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP229 Vilepawn Archfiend ヘルポーンデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP230 Shadowknight Archfiend シャドウナイトデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP231 Darkbishop Archfiend ダークビショップデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP232 Desrook Archfiend デスルークデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP233 Infernalqueen Archfiend インフェルノクインデーモン Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP234 Terrorking Archfiend ジェノサイドキングデーモン Super Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP235 Skull Archfiend of Lightning (じん)(らい)()(おう)-スカル・デーモン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP236 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite メタル()()(せい)(せい)(ぶつ)-ルナタイト Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP237 Tsukuyomi 月読命(ツクヨミ) Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP238 Mudora ムドラ Rare Effect Monster
EE1-JP239 Keldo ケルドウ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP240 Kelbek ケルベク Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP241 Zolga ゾルガ Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP242 Agido アギド Common Effect Monster
EE1-JP243 Legendary Flame Lord (でん)(せつ)爆炎使い(フレイム•ロード) Rare Ritual Monster
EE1-JP244 Dark Master - Zorc 闇の支配者(ダーク・マスター)-ゾーク Super Rare Ritual Monster
EE1-JP245 Spell Reproduction ()(ほう)(さい)(せい) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP246 Dragged Down into the Grave (はか)(あな)(みち)() Common Spell Card
EE1-JP247 Incandescent Ordeal (しゃく)(ねつ)()(れん) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP248 Contract with the Abyss ()(らく)との(けい)(やく) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP249 Contract with the Dark Master (やみ)()(はい)(しゃ)との(けい)(やく) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP250 Falling Down 堕落(フォーリン・ダウン) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP251 Checkmate ディスカバード・アタック Common Spell Card
EE1-JP252 Cestus of Dagla ダグラの(つるぎ) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP253 Final Countdown (しゅう)(えん)のカウントダウン Common Spell Card
EE1-JP254 Archfiend's Oath デーモンの(せん)(こく) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP255 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions (くろ)(さそり)(だん)(しょう)(しゅう) Common Spell Card
EE1-JP256 Pandemonium 万魔殿(パンディモニウム)(あく)()(そう)(くつ) Rare Spell Card
EE1-JP257 Altar for Tribute (いけ)(にえ)(さい)(だん) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP258 Frozen Soul (たましい)(ひょう)(けつ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP259 Battle-Scarred ()(こく)(いん) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP260 Dark Scorpion Combination (ひっ)(さつ)(くろ)(さそり)コンビネーション Common Trap Card
EE1-JP261 Archfiend's Roar デーモンの()(たけ) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP262 Dice Re-Roll リバースダイス Common Trap Card
EE1-JP263 Spell Vanishing (じゅ)(じゅつ)(まっ)(しょう) Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP264 Sakuretsu Armor 炸裂装甲(リアクティブアーマー) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP265 Ray of Hope ()(ぼう)(ひかり) Common Trap Card
EE1-JP266 Blast Held by a Tribute (いけ)(にえ)()(ばく)(だん) Ultra Rare Trap Card
EE1-JP267 Judgment of Anubis アヌビスの(さば) Ultra Rare Trap Card

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