Kaiba's Experience of Death

Kaiba suffering the Experience of Death

The Experience of Death (体感たいかん Shi no Taikan) is a Penalty Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime, in which the recipient is terrorized by the illusions of monsters killing them.

It has been administered by Dark Yugi, using the power of the Millennium Puzzle and Seto Kaiba using Solid Vision technology.


Sugoroku's Experience of Death

The Experience of Death in Virtual Reality, inflicted on Sugoroku Mutou

The Experience of Death was first executed by Dark Yugi to Kaiba, following Kaiba's theft of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card and subsequent loss in their game of Duel Monsters. This caused him to believe he was sent to the Duel Monsters Spirit World, where he repeatedly suffered death at the hands of monsters.[1] Although Kaiba recovered, he continued to suffer nightmares of the experience.[2]

Kaiba simulated the Penalty Game with his Battle Boxes, which used Solid Vision to create realistic virtual reality projections of the monsters. He found that the average person was driven insane after ten minutes of exposure.[2]

Kaiba subjected Sugoroku Mutou to the Experience of Death, after defeating him in a game of Duel Monsters at the Kaiba Land opening.[2] He ended the simulation in exchange for Yugi Mutou's agreement to participate in Death-T.[3]

Following Mokuba Kaiba's defeat to Dark Yugi, in Death T-4, Kaiba subjected Mokuba to the Experience of Death, despite being his brother. However Mokuba was saved by Dark Yugi.[4]


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