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"Evolzar Laggia".

  • エヴォルカイザー
  • Evorukaizā (romanized)
  • Evolkaiser (translated)


  • Évolzar


  • Evolzar


  • Evolzar


  • 에볼카이저
  • Ebolkaijeo (romanized)
  • Evolkaiser (translated)


  • Evolzar


  • Evolugarto


Anime appearances

"Evolzar", known as "Evolkaiser" (エヴォルカイザー Evorukaizā) in the OCG, is an "Evol" sub-archetype consisting of FIRE Dragon-Type Xyz Monsters. "Evolzar" monsters are the final stage of evolution, being evolved from Dinosaur-Type "Evolsaur" monsters. They are Xyz Summoned with only 2 Dinosaur-Type monsters.

Evolzar Origin
Dolkka Dolichosuchus
Laggia Unenlagia
Solda Sordes

Play style

These 3 monsters focus on the disruption of your opponents card effects (such as "Evolzar Dolkka" being able to negate the activation and destroy it), or Special Summons (such as "Evolzar Solda" being able to destroy any Special Summon) and negating Spell and Traps (such as "Evolzar Laggia" being able to negate the activation of a Spell/Trap and destroy it. Except for Counter Traps) and controlling the field with these effects.


  • All "Evolzar" monsters are surrounded by fire, but apparently, cards, like "Evolzar Laggia" and "Evolzar Solda", have a fire ring surrounding them while cards, such as "Evolzar Dolkka", has a fiery shower.
  • All "Evolzar" monsters have a symbol below their waist similar to a beehive (with the exception of "Evolzar Laggia", where the symbol is on its waist).
  • The "Evolzar" are the first sub-archetype supporting Dinosaur-Type monsters.
  • Their tails resemble more-advanced strands of DNA than "Evoltiles" and "Evolsaurs".
  • Their English name is a combination of evolution and Czar, alternative for Caesar. Caesar being a general term for emperors, and Czar referring to a controlling position; both terms refer to the effects of these Xyz Monsters.
  • Their background of their pictures are the same as "Evoltiles" and "Evolsaurs" except:
    • "Evolzars" have binary in the background as opposed to "Evoltiles" ancient language and "Evolsaurs" modern Latin alphabet language.
    • "Evolzars" may or may not have the molecule in the background. If it's there, it's is obscured as all current "Evolzars" are rather large.
  • The Summoning requirements using Dinosaurs for "Evolzar" monsters is similar to, yet easier than, other Dragons (whether by name or type) that include dinosaurs in their Summoning, including "Water Dragon" (though it's a Sea Serpent-Type), which uses "Bonding - H2O" to Tribute 2 "Hydrogeddons" and an "Oxygeddon", which are Dinosaurs, to Summon it, or in "Hyozanryu's" case, using another Dinosaur, "Carboneddon", by banishing the latter from the Graveyard to Summon "Hyozanryu".
  • These 3 cards are the only Dragon-Type monsters to support the Dinosaur-Type.

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