Eve is a mysterious character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga, serving as the manga's main antagonist.




Full body appearance.

Eve is a young and tall woman with long hair with the left side of her face badly scarred.[1]


In the Hebrew Bible, Eve was the first woman, who lived in paradise, the Garden of Eden, together with Adam.


Her past a mystery, Ren told Yuya that she was the lover of the scientist Adam before his soul was scattered across time and space by Genesis Omega Dragon. Rendered an ageless being by the G.O.D. card, Eve became a thrall to its will as she seeks the scattered essence of her lover: Adam Factor.[2] In her travels, Eve recruited Ren after the G.O.D. card gave him a second chance at life.[3]

Eve was first seen at an unknown place watching Sora's Duel with "Phantom" alongside Ren. Once the Duel ended, Eve requested Ren to retrieve Sora, as well as to search Yuya's memories, to which Ren abode.[4]

Later, when Yuya and Reiji Akaba Dueled, Eve and Ren watched their Duel in order to find out whether Reiji possessed the Adam Factor as well or not.[5] Upon the end of the Duel, Ren revealed that their true objective was to truly awaken the Genesis Omega Dragon card, which Eve was shown to currently possess.[6] Eve was later revealed to be deathly ill, attended to by her physician and oldest companion Isaac. While being tended to, Eve's goal to use G.O.D's power to restore the memories she, Ren and Sora had lost of their former lives along with immortality at any cost was revealed.[7]



Not much is known of Eve's relationship with Adam save that it was founded on love, and also part of her motivation in seeking those who possess the Adam Factor.


Eve's Deck is currently unknown. However, she has been shown to be in possession of "Genesis Omega Dragon".[1]

Owned cards


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