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This Property entry details every card that allows the equipped monster to loses DEF.

All OCG/TCG "Equipped loses DEF" cards

All Anime "Equipped loses DEF" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Buster Blaster (anime)バスター・ショットマンEffect MonsterEARTHMachine30000000000000000
Iron Chain Snake (anime)C・スネークEffect MonsterEARTHReptile30000080000001200
Superheavy Samurai Soulbreaker Armor (anime)超重武者装留ブレイク・アーマーEffect MonsterEARTHMachine10000000000000500
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Chaos Form (GX)カオス・フォームTrap Card
Elf's Light (anime)エルフの光Spell Card
Gust Fan (anime)突風の扇Spell Card
Invigoration (anime)覚醒Spell Card
Mask of Brutality (anime)凶暴化の仮面Spell Card
Ring of Magnetism (anime)磁力の指輪Spell Card
Sword of Dark Destruction (anime)闇の破神剣Spell Card

All Manga "Equipped loses DEF" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Double Evolutionエボリューション2Spell Card

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