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Endless Dream

Endless Dream Single

Endless Dream, is the fourth Japanese ending theme to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX anime series. It debuted on October 17, 2007. The song is sung by Hiroshi Kitadani who also wrote the lyrics.


Duel Monsters

Featured cards

Many of characters' cards are shown in the background during the dream Duel. This also includes their cards from previous Seasons.

Jaden Yuki
Chazz Princeton
Syrus Truesdale
Tyranno Hassleberry
Alexis Rhodes
Blair Flannigan



Sainkyono Kaado de Tsukami Torei
Kagayaku Dueru No Hatenaki-Yu Memo

Yu-Ki Demezame Rukisekino Dora Mao
Owaru Kotonaa Ee
Pinchi O Chansu Ni Kayetei U Koze
Kirito Dekiru

NiJi No HaShi O Watari (echo: Tari)
Mirai O Te Ni IRERO
Together They Fight

Tobirano Mukouni
Tachifusagu Kuro I kage
Shinuko No Honoo Moyasei

Sainkyono Kaado de Tsukami Torei
Kagayaku Dueru No Hatenaki-Yu Memo
Donna Ni Tsurai Toki Ga Aayaa Memo
Shinjiru Nakama No Egao Daa Ite


Grip your ultimate card!
For a shining Duel's endless dream

Awaken your courage, miraculous drama
Nothing is over
Change your pinch into a chance, go
Definitely, it can be done

Walking across the rainbow's bridge
With the future in hand
Together they fight

Beyond the door
Stand in the way of the black shadow
Crimson flames, burn!

Grip your ultimate card!
For the shining Duel's unending dream
No matter how painful the times
Embracing the smiles of the Friends you believe in.

Featured Duel: Jaden Yuki vs. Chazz Princeton

Turn 1: Chazz
Chazz Summons "Armed Dragon LV3".

Turn 2: Jaden
Jaden activates "Polymerization", fusing "Elemental Hero Avian" and "Elemental Hero Burstinatrix" to Fusion Summon "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman". Chazz then activates "Ojama Trio", Special Summoning 3 "Ojama Tokens" on Jaden's side of the field. Jaden attacks "Armed Dragon LV3" with "Flame Wingman", destroying the former. "Flame Wingman" then inficts damage to Chazz equal to the ATK of "Armed Dragon LV3". Chazz then activates "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV3".

Turn 3: Chazz
"Armed Dragon LV3" Levels Up to "Armed Dragon LV5". Chazz activates "Lightning Vortex", discarding 1 card to destroy all monsters on Jaden's side of the field. By the effect of "Ojama Trio", Jaden takes damage as all "Ojama Tokens" are destroyed. Chazz activates "Level Up!", sending "Armed Dragon LV5" to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV7", ignoring the Summoning conditions.

At this point, Syrus, Tyranno Hassleberry, Blair, and Alexis enter the Duel with their own monsters (respectively, "Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill", "Ultimate Tyranno", "Mystic Dragon", and "Cyber Angel - Benten"), with the two boys on Jaden's side and the two girls on Chazz's side.

The Duel continues without a clear pattern before ending abruptly with no winner as Jaden wakes up.

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