Electrodes, known as Shock-Amplifying Devices in the Japanese version, are a kind of collar used in Underground Duels. When in use, a Duelist wears three; one around the neck, and one around each arm. They were first shown when Zane Dueled against Mad Dog in an attempt to gain more power. When a Duelist loses Life Points while wearing an electrode, a severe electric shock is sent through their body causing them great pain. After his Duel with Mad Dog, Zane used them again in a Duel against his younger brother Syrus. When Zane was starting to have heart problems, he first thought that the electrodes were to blame. It was later revealed to be his "Cyberdark" Deck causing the trouble. While in the alternate dimension, Zane used them to take Doom Dozer down, before he ultimately destroyed it with "Cyber End Dragon".

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