Both the Japanese and Korean version contains:

The Japanese version also contains:

  • 37 reprinted cards (1 for the Extra Deck)
  • 1 Rubber Duel Field
  • 1 Deck Case
  • 70 Card Sleeves
  • 1 Power-Up Pack (10 different cards, 5 cards each pack in Ultra Rare)
  • 1 special Code card from the "V Jump 20th Anniversary Edition" in full-color for the new 3DS game

The Korean version also contains:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
DS14-JPMS1 Geargiagear Gigant XG ギアギアギア XGクロスギガント Extra Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster 1
DS14-JPMS2 Geargiano Mk-III ギアギアーノ Mk-Ⅲ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPMS3 Geargiattacker ギアギアタッカー Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM01 Geargiano ギアギアーノ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM02 Geargiano Mk-II ギアギアーノ Mk-Ⅱ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM03 Geargiaccelerator ギアギアクセル Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM04 Geargiarsenal ギアギアーセナル Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM05 Geargiarmor ギアギアーマー Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM06 Green Gadget グリーン・ガジェット Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM07 Red Gadget レッド・ガジェット Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM08 Yellow Gadget イエロー・ガジェット Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM09 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera 古代の機械合成獣アンティーク・ギアガジェルキメラ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM10 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon 古代の機械巨竜アンティーク・ギアガジェルドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM11 Jumbo Drill 穿せんこうじゅうドリルジャンボ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM12 Minefieldriller マインフィールド Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM13 Swift Scarecrow そっこうのかかし Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
DS14-JPM14 Oilman オイルメン Ultra Rare Union monster 1
DS14-JPM15 Heavy Mech Support Platform きょうえんメカ・ヘビーウェポン Ultra Rare Union monster 1
DS14-JPM16 Giant Rat きょだいネズミ Ultra Rare Effect Monster 2
DS14-JPM17 Geartown 歯車街ギア・タウン Ultra Rare Field Spell Card 2
DS14-JPM18 Limiter Removal リミッターかいじょ Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM19 Machine Assembly Line マシン・デベロッパー Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM20 Fissure Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM21 Smashing Ground くだ Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM22 Double Summon 二重召喚デュアルサモン Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM23 Creature Swap きょうせいてん Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM24 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card 1
DS14-JPM25 Geargiagear ギアギアギア Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card 1
DS14-JPM26 Stronghold the Moving Fortress どうとりで ストロング・ホールド Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card 1
DS14-JPM27 Metalmorph メタルほうはんしゃそうこう Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card 1
DS14-JPM28 Rare Metalmorph レアメタルほうはんしゃそうこう Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card 1
DS14-JPM29 Roll Out! ゲットライド! Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card 1
DS14-JPM30 Gear Gigant X ギアギガント クロス Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster 1

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategoryQty
DS14-KRMS1"Geargiagear Gigant XG""기아기아기아 X크로스G기간트"Extra Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster1
DS14-KRMS2"Geargiano Mk-III""기아기아노 MK-Ⅲ"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRMS3"Geargiattacker""기아기아태커"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM01"Geargiano""기아기아노"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM02"Geargiano Mk-II""기아기아노 MK-Ⅱ"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM03"Geargiaccelerator""기아기아크셀"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM04"Geargiarsenal""기아기아스날"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM05"Geargiarmor""기아기아머"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM06"Green Gadget""그린 가제트"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM07"Red Gadget""레드 가제트"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM08"Yellow Gadget""옐로 가제트"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM09"Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera""앤틱 기어 가젤 키메라"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM10"Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon""앤틱 기어 가젤 드래곤"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM11"Jumbo Drill""천공중기 드릴점보"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM12"Minefieldriller""마인필드"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM13"Swift Scarecrow""속공의 허수아비"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM14"Oilman""오일맨"Ultra RareUnion monster1
DS14-KRM15"Heavy Mech Support Platform""강화지원메카 헤비웨폰"Ultra RareUnion monster1
DS14-KRM16"Giant Rat""거대쥐"Ultra RareEffect Monster2
DS14-KRM17"Card Trooper""카드 트루퍼"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
DS14-KRM18"Genex Ally Birdman""A·제넥스 버드맨"Ultra RareEffect Tuner monster1
DS14-KRM19"Geartown""기어 타운"Ultra RareField Spell Card2
DS14-KRM20"Limiter Removal""리미터 해제"Ultra RareQuick-Play Spell Card1
DS14-KRM21"Machine Assembly Line""머신 디벨로퍼"Ultra RareContinuous Spell Card1
DS14-KRM22"Fissure""갈라진 대지"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM23"Smashing Ground""대지 분쇄"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM24"Double Summon""이중소환"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM25"Creature Swap""강제전이"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM26"Terraforming""테라포밍"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM27"Pot of Avarice""탐욕의 항아리"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card1
DS14-KRM28"Geargiagear""기아기아기아"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card1
DS14-KRM29"Stronghold the Moving Fortress""기동요새 스트롱 홀드"Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card1
DS14-KRM30"Metalmorph""메 탈화 마법반사장갑"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card1
DS14-KRM31"Rare Metalmorph""레어메탈화 마법반사장갑"Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card1
DS14-KRM32"Roll Out!""겟 라이드!"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card1
DS14-KRM33"Ultimate Offering""희생의 제물"Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card1
DS14-KRM34"Gear Gigant X""기아기간토 X크로스"Ultra RareEffect Xyz Monster1


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