Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment Enhancement Pack is a special Booster Pack for Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment.


Players can use the cards in the Enhancement Pack to power up their Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment.


Each Duelist Set: Version Lighlord Judgment contains 1 pack of Duelist Set: Version Lightlord Judgment Enhancement Pack. Each pack contains 5 cards. There are 10 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
DS14-JPL33 Fabled Raven ごうしんレイヴン Ultra Rare 47217354 Tuner Monster
DS14-JPL34 Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite BFブラックフェザーせいえいのゼピュロス Ultra Rare 14785765 Effect Monster
DS14-JPL35 Necro Gardna ネクロ・ガードナー Ultra Rare 04906301 Effect Monster
DS14-JPL36 A/D Changer エーディーチェンジャー Ultra Rare 96146814 Effect Monster
DS14-JPL37 Reinforcement of the Army ぞうえん Ultra Rare 32807846 Normal Spell Card
DS14-JPL38 Monster Reincarnation しゃてんせい Ultra Rare 74848038 Normal Spell Card
DS14-JPL39 Foolish Burial おろかなまいそう Ultra Rare 81439173 Normal Spell Card
DS14-JPL40 Bottomless Trap Hole らくとしあな Ultra Rare 29401950 Normal Trap Card
DS14-JPL41 Skill Successor スキル・サクセサー Ultra Rare 73729209 Normal Trap Card
DS14-JPL42 Breakthrough Skill ブレイクスルー・スキル Ultra Rare 78474168 Normal Trap Card