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Card ImageDuelistPack-Yugi-Checklist-DPYG-EN10-UE +
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Card typeStrategy Card +
Card type TextStrategy Card +
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English nameDuelist Pack –Yugi– Checklist +
English name (linked)Duelist Pack –Yugi– Checklist +
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LoreDPYG-EN001 (SC-R) [[Dark DPYG-EN001 (SC-R) Dark Magician

DPYG-EN002 (SC-S) Summoned Skull
DPYG-EN003 (SC-B) Queen's Knight
DPYG-EN004 (SC-B) Jack's Knight
DPYG-EN005 (SC-B) Kuriboh
DPYG-EN006 (SC-B) Catapult Turtle
DPYG-EN007 (SC-B) Buster Blader
DPYG-EN008 (SC-S) Dark Magician Girl
DPYG-EN009 (SC-B) Big Shield Gardna
DPYG-EN010 (SC-S) Sorcerer of Dark Magic
DPYG-EN011 (SC-B) King's Knight
DPYG-EN012 (SC-B) Green Gadget
DPYG-EN013 (SC-B) Red Gadget
DPYG-EN014 (SC-B) Yellow Gadget
DPYG-EN015 (SC-R) Marshmallon
DPYG-EN016 (SC-U) Dark Paladin
DPYG-EN017 (SC-R) Black Luster Soldier
DPYG-EN018 (SC-B) Swords of Revealing Light
DPYG-EN019 (SC-R) Monster Reborn
DPYG-EN020 (SC-S) Polymerization
DPYG-EN021 (SC-R) Exchange
DPYG-EN022 (SC-B) Black Luster Ritual
DPYG-EN023 (SC-B) Diffusion Wave-Motion
DPYG-EN024 (SC-B) Brain Control
DPYG-EN025 (SC-R) Card of Sanctity
DPYG-EN026 (SC-B) Spellbinding Circle
DPYG-EN027 (SC-U) Mirror Force
DPYG-EN028 (SC-R) Magical Hats
DPYG-EN029 (SC-B) Lightforce Sword

DPYG-EN030 (SC-B) Stronghold the Moving Fortress
.png]]) Stronghold the Moving Fortress
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Page nameDuelist Pack –Yugi– Checklist +
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TypeStrategy Card +
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