Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo

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Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo

デュエリストパック —遊馬編2ゴゴゴ&ドドド—


Dyuerisuto Pakku: Yūma-hen Tsū: Gogogo & Dododo


Duelist Pack: Yuma Edition 2: Gogogo & Dododo


듀얼리스트 팩 —유마 편2 고고고&도도도—

Revised Romanization

Dyueolliseuteu Paek: Yuma Pyeon 2: Gogogo & Dododo


Duelist Pack: Yuma Chapter 2: Gogogo & Dododo

Set information


Part of series

Duelist Pack

  • DP14-JP (jp)
  • DP14-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • September 21, 2013
  • November 25, 2013

Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo

Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo is a Duelist Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the fourteenth set in the OCG's Duelist Pack series, following Duelist Pack: Kite.


The set features a lot of the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime used by Yuma Tsukumo.

Contains cards from the "Gogogo" and "Dododo" archetypes to build Decks similar to Yuma! Also includes a large variety of Common cards, previously released as promos.


Each pack of Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo contains 5 cards and each box contains 15 packs. There are 30 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
DP14-JP001 Gogogo Golem ゴゴゴゴーレム Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
DP14-JP002 Gogogo Giant ゴゴゴジャイアント Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP003 Gogogo Ghost ゴゴゴゴースト Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP004 Gogogo Gigas ゴゴゴギガース Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP005 Gogogo Golem - Golden Form ゴゴゴゴーレム-GFゴールデンフォーム Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP006 Dododo Warrior ドドドウォリアー Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP007 Dododo Bot ドドドボット Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP008 Dododo Buster ドドドバスター Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
DP14-JP009 Dododo Witch ドドドウィッチ Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP010 Dododo Swordsman ドドドガッサー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP011 Toy Knight トイナイト Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP012 Explossum バクだん Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
DP14-JP013 Swordsman of Revealing Light ふうけんけん Super Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP014 Doggy Diver トラブル・ダイバー Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP015 Zubaba Knight ズババナイト Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP016 Zubaba Buster ズバババスター Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP017 Cardcar D カードカー・ディー Super Rare Effect Monster
DP14-JP018 Amarylease アマリリース Common Effect Monster
DP14-JP019 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon No.ナンバーズ17 リバイス・ドラゴン Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-JP020 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn こうきょうじんマエストローク Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-JP021 Heroic Champion - Excalibur ヒロイックチャンピオン エクスカリバー Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-JP022 Gauntlet Launcher ガントレット・シューター Common Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-JP023 Xyz Gift エクシーズ・ギフト Common Normal Spell Card
DP14-JP024 Magnum Shield さいきょうたて Common Equip Spell Card
DP14-JP025 Level Lifter レベル・マイスター Rare Normal Spell Card
DP14-JP026 Gogogo Talisman ゴゴゴ Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Continuous Spell Card
DP14-JP027 Battle Break バトル・ブレイク Common Normal Trap Card
DP14-JP028 Pinpoint Guard ピンポイント・ガード Common Normal Trap Card
DP14-JP029 Half Unbreak ハーフ・アンブレイク Rare Normal Trap Card
DP14-JP030 Soul Strike たましいいちげき Common
Normal Parallel Rare
Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
DP14-KR001 Gogogo Golem 고고고 골렘 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR002 Gogogo Giant 고고고 자이언트 Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR003 Gogogo Ghost 고고고 고스트 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR004 Gogogo Gigas 고고고 기가스 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR005 Gogogo Golem - Golden Form 고고고 골렘-G골든F Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR006 Dododo Warrior 도도도 워리어 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR007 Dododo Bot 도도도 보트 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR008 Dododo Buster 도도도 버스터 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR009 Dododo Witch 도도도 위치 Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR010 Dododo Swordsman 도도도 갓사 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR011 Toy Knight 토이나이토 Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR012 Explossum 맥 폭탄 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR013 Swordsman of Revealing Light 봉인검의 검사 Super Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR014 Doggy Diver 트러블 다이버 Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR015 Zubaba Knight 주바바 나이트 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR016 Zubaba Buster 주바바버스터 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR017 Cardcar D 카드카·D Super Rare Effect Monster
DP14-KR018 Amarylease 아마릴리스 Common Effect Monster
DP14-KR019 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon No.17 레비아단 드래곤 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-KR020 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 교향 마에스트로크 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-KR021 Heroic Champion - Excalibur H히로익-C챔피언 엑스칼리버 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-KR022 Gauntlet Launcher 건틀릿 슈터 Common Effect Xyz Monster
DP14-KR023 Xyz Gift 엑시즈 기프트 Common Normal Spell Card
DP14-KR024 Magnum Shield 최강의 방패 Common Equip Spell Card
DP14-KR025 Level Lifter 레벨 마이스터 Rare Normal Spell Card
DP14-KR026 Gogogo Talisman 고고고 호부 Common Continuous Spell Card
DP14-KR027 Battle Break 배틀 브레이크 Common Normal Trap Card
DP14-KR028 Pinpoint Guard 핀포인트 가드 Common Normal Trap Card
DP14-KR029 Half Unbreak 하프 언브레이크 Rare Normal Trap Card
DP14-KR030 Soul Strike 영혼의 일격 Common Normal Trap Card


  • [1] - Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duelist Pack -Kite-
  • 遊戯王ゼアル OCG デュエリストパック - 遊馬編 2 ゴゴゴ&ドドド - (Japanese)

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