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Duelist Pack: Yugi
  • Duelist Pack: Yugi

듀얼리스트 팩 —유희 편—

Revised Romanization

Dyueolliseuteu Paeg: Yuhui Pyeon


Duelist Pack: Yugi Edition

Set information


Part of series

Duelist Pack

  • DP00-KR (kr)
Number of cards


Cover card
Related sets
Special Edition

Duelist Pack: Yugi Special Edition

Release dates
  • September 29, 2009

Duelist Pack: Yugi

Duelist Pack: Yugi is a Duelist Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG), released in Korean. It is the ninth set in the Korean OCG's Duelist Pack series, following Duelist Pack: Yusei.

In the Korean OCG, Duelist Pack: Yugi was also released as part of Duelist Pack: Yugi Special Edition.



Each pack of Duelist Pack: Yugi contains 5 cards. There are 31 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
DP00-KR000 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 저승사자 고즈 Secret Rare Effect Monster
DP00-KR001 Dark Magician 블랙 매지션 Super Rare Normal Monster
DP00-KR002 Alpha The Magnet Warrior 마그넷 워리어 α Rare Normal Monster
DP00-KR003 Beta The Magnet Warrior 마그넷 워리어 β Rare Normal Monster
DP00-KR004 Gamma The Magnet Warrior 마그넷 워리어 γ Rare Normal Monster
DP00-KR005 Dark Magician Girl 블랙 매지션 걸 Super Rare Effect Monster
DP00-KR006 Breaker the Magical Warrior 마도전사 브레이커 Rare Effect Monster
DP00-KR007 Sorcerer of Dark Magic 마도전사 브레이커 Common Effect Monster
DP00-KR008 Kuriboh 크리보 Common Effect Monster
DP00-KR009 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior 자석의 전사 마그넷 발키리온 Super Rare Effect Monster
DP00-KR010 Magic Cylinder 매직 실린더 Common Normal Trap Card
DP00-KR011 Big Shield Gardna 빅 실드 가드너 Common Effect Monster
DP00-KR012 Buster Blader 버스터 블레이더 Common Effect Monster
DP00-KR013 Skilled Dark Magician 숙련된 흑마술사 Common Effect Monster
DP00-KR014 Black Luster Soldier 카오스 솔저 Common Ritual Monster
DP00-KR015 Dark Paladin 초마도검사 블랙 파라딘 Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
DP00-KR016 Polymerization 융합 Common Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR017 Sage's Stone 현자의 보석 Rare Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR018 Gold Sarcophagus 봉인의 황금궤 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR019 Swords of Revealing Light 빛의 봉인검 Common Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR020 Brain Control 세뇌-브레인 컨트롤- Rare Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR021 Black Luster Ritual 카오스의 의식 Common Ritual Spell Card
DP00-KR022 Exchange 익스체인지 Common Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR023 Multiply 증식 Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DP00-KR024 Dark Magic Curtain 흑마술의 커튼 Common Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR025 Card of Sanctity 하늘의 선물 Common Normal Spell Card
DP00-KR026 Magical Hats 매지컬 실크햇 Common Normal Trap Card
DP00-KR027 Lightforce Sword 빛의 봉쇄검 Common Normal Trap Card
DP00-KR028 Spellbinding Circle 육망성의저주 Common Continuous Trap Card
DP00-KR029 Stronghold the Moving Fortress 기동요새 스트롱 홀드 Common Continuous Trap Card
DP00-KR030 Mirror Force 성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘 Rare Normal Trap Card

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