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Duelist Kingdom

Main Screen- Duelist Kingdom (Arc)


Duelist Kingdom

Manga storyline


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist



Preceded by

Monster World

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Dungeon Dice Monsters

Anime storyline



Original run

18 April 2000 – 13 February 2001



Followed by

Legendary Heroes

Duelist Kingdom is the first Duel Monsters centered arc in the manga and first arc of the TV Tokyo anime.

In this arc, Yugi Muto is forced to take part in Maximillion Pegasus' Duelist Kingdom tournament in order to free the soul of his grandfather, after Pegasus' strips it from his body. His friend Joey Wheeler takes part too as he needs the prize money to pay for his sister's eye operation.


Prior to the tournament

The anime begins with Seto Kaiba kidnapping Yugi's grandfather and defeating him in a Duel order to acquire his rare four-of-a-kind card, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". On doing so he tears up the card so it can't be used against him. Yugi then duels Kaiba to get revenge. Not entirely conscious of the transformation, he switches to Yami Yugi for the Duel. Yugi learns that Kaiba possess the other three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards as he Summons them. Yami starts to doubt he can win, but thinking of how his friends are supporting him in spirit, he manages to Summon the "Exodia", an instant win card combination. Yami then inflicts the Mind Crush Penalty Game on Kaiba, dispelling his evil side.[1]

In the manga, Yugi's encountered Kaiba much earlier in the series. The anime encounter is an shortened combination of their two previous encounters.

Joey takes up learning Duel Monsters, but proves a weak player after losing to Téa at school. (In the anime, he also loses to Yugi.) Yugi agrees to help him improve and they start by watching the Japanese regional Duel Monsters tournament final at Yugi's house. Yugi explained that he didn't enter this tournament as he had wanted to face Kaiba in a fair Duel in his first tournament. (In the manga, Kaiba was in hospital after receiving the Mind Crush.) The tournament ended with Weevil Underwood defeating Rex Raptor. As Weevil was congratulated by the creator of Duel Monsters, Maximillion Pegasus, he received an invitation to an upcoming tournament.[2][3]

After watching the finals, Yugi opened a package he received, containing a gauntlet, 2 Star Chips and a videotape. The tape contained a recording of Pegasus, who invited Yugi to Duel on the spot. Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, upon realizing that this was a Shadow Game. Pegasus won the Duel due to an imposed time limit and took the soul of Yugi's grandpa as Yugi's penalty. (In the manga, Grandpa's soul was sealed in the videotape.)[2][4][5][3] In order to get the soul of his grandpa back he accepts Pegasus' invitation to Duelist Kingdom and his friend(s) join him.


With the exception of Pegasaus beating Kaiba, as well as Panik beating Mai, it should be noted that every time that there was a victor in a seen duel, whoever was on the BLUE side of the arena was the victor.


Image Number Names Japanese release date English release date
YGODDuel001 Chapter 1 Japanese 挑戦!!!

Translated Japanese Challenge!!!

English Challenge!!
YGODDuel002 Chapter 2 Japanese そのカードをひくな!!
(Sono Kādo o Hikuna!!)

Translated Japanese Don't Draw That Card!!

English Don't Draw That Card!!
YGODDuel003 Chapter 3 Japanese カウントダウン!!

Translated Japanese Countdown!!

English Countdown!!
YGODDuel004 Chapter 4 Japanese 負けられない!!

Translated Japanese I Won't Lose!!

English I Won't Lose!!
YGODDuel005 Chapter 5 Japanese 洋上の因縁!!
(Youjou no Innen!!)

Translated Japanese Fate of the Ocean!!

English Fate on the High Seas!!
YGODDuel006 Chapter 6 Japanese 決闘開始!!
(Dyueru Kaishi!!)

Translated Japanese Duel Start!!

English Let the Duel Begin!
YGODDuel007 Chapter 7 Japanese 罠!!

Translated Japanese The Trap!!

English The Trap
YGODDuel008 Chapter 8 Japanese 究極完全態!!
(Kyūkyoku Kanzentai!!)

Translated Japanese Ultimate Perfect Form!!

English The Ultimate Great Moth
YGODDuel009 Chapter 9 Japanese 魔の電撃
(Ma no Dengeki)

Translated Japanese Demon Lightning

English Demon Lightning
YGODDuel010 Chapter 10 Japanese 魔性の女
(Mashō no Onna)

Translated Japanese Femme Fatale

English The Siren
YGODDuel011 Chapter 11 Japanese 変わらぬもの
(Kawaranu Mono)

Translated Japanese Things that Don't Change

English Things that Don't Change
YGODDuel012 Chapter 12 Japanese 海の恐怖
(Umi no Kyōfu)

Translated Japanese The Fear of the Sea

English The Scourge of the Sea
YGODDuel013 Chapter 13 Japanese 海が襲う!!
(Umi ga Osou!!)

Translated Japanese The Sea Attacks!!

English Attack from the Deep
YGODDuel014 Chapter 14 Japanese 盗賊!!?

Translated Japanese Thief!!?

English The Thief
YGODDuel015 Chapter 15 Japanese 地獄よりの使者
(Jigoku Yori no Shisha)

Translated Japanese Messenger From Hell

English Messenger From Hell
YGODDuel016 Chapter 16 Japanese 牙をむくカード
(Kiba o Muku Kādo)

Translated Japanese The Cards Bare Their Fangs

English The Cards Bare Their Teeth
YGODDuel017 Chapter 17 Japanese 伝説の竜!!
(Densetsu no Doragon!!)

Translated Japanese The Legendary Dragon!!

English The Legendary Dragon
YGODDuel018 Chapter 18 Japanese この手で勝つ! !
(Kono Te de Katsu!!)

Translated Japanese I'll Win With My Own Hands!!

English On My Own
YGODDuel019 Chapter 19 Japanese 負けるかっ!!
(Makeru kah!!)

Translated Japanese I Won't Lose!!

English I Won't Lose!
YGODDuel020 Chapter 20 Japanese 時を刻め!!
(Toki wo Kizame!!)

Translated Japanese Time Ticking!!

English The Ticking Clock!
YGODDuel21 Chapter 21 Japanese 夜とともに来た男
(Yoru to Tomo ni Kita Otoko)

Translated Japanese The Man Who Came With the Night

English The Night Intruder
YGODDuel022 Chapter 22 Japanese 見えないカード!!
(Mienai Kādo!!)

Translated Japanese Invisible Cards!!

English The Invisible Cards
YGODDuel023 Chapter 23 Japanese 闇をぶっとばせ!!
(Yami wo Buttobase!!)

Translated Japanese Defeat the Darkness!!

English Defeat the Darkness!
YGODDuel024 Chapter 24 Japanese 光の追撃!!
(Hikari no Tsuigeki!!)

Translated Japanese Pursuit of Light!!

English Swords of Light
YGODDuel025 Chapter 25 Japanese 王国に嵐吹く!!
(Ōkoku ni Arashi Fuku!!)

Translated Japanese The Storm Strikes the Kingdom!!

English A Storm in the Kingdom
YGODDuel026 Chapter 26 Japanese 決闘(デュエル)貴公子(きこうし)
(Dyueru no Kikōshi)

Translated Japanese Duel Honor

English Duelist's Honor
YGODDuel027 Chapter 27 Japanese 新武器の実力!!
(Arata Buki no Jitsuryoku!!)

Translated Japanese New Weapon Capability!!

English The Secret Weapon
YGODDuel028 Chapter 28 Japanese ペガサスの恐怖(きょうふ)
(Pegasasu no Kyōfu!!)

Translated Japanese The Terror of Pegasus!!

English The Terror of Pegasus!
YGODDuel029 Chapter 29 Japanese 暗闇の襲撃者
(Kurayami no Shūgeki-sha)

Translated Japanese Darkness Assailant

English The Lurking Duelists
YGODDuel030 Chapter 30 Japanese ()わらない決闘(デュエル)
(Owaranai Dyueru)

Translated Japanese Duel Without End

English Duel Without End
YGODDuel031 Chapter 31 Japanese 墓場からの呼び声
(Hakaba kara no Yobigoe)

Translated Japanese Call of the Grave

English Call of the Grave
YGODDuel032 Chapter 32 Japanese (ほろ)びる不死(ふし)!?
(Horobiru Fushi!?)

Translated Japanese Immortal Death?!

English Death to the Undead!
YGODDuel033 Chapter 33 Japanese (おそ)いくる迷宮(めいきゅう)!!
(Osoikuru Meikyū!!)

Translated Japanese Attack of the Labyrinth!

English Enter the Labyrinth!
YGODDuel034 Chapter 34 Japanese 死闘!!迷宮の未知の罠!!
(Shitō!! Meikyū no Michi no Wana!!)

Translated Japanese Deathmatch!! The Labyrinth's Unknown Trap!!

English Deathtrap Dungeon!
YGODDuel035 Chapter 35 Japanese 迷宮の魔術!!
(Meikyū no Majutsu! !)

Translated Japanese The Magic of the Maze!!

English The Magic of the Maze!
YGODDuel036 Chapter 36 Japanese 恐怖の洞窟
(Kyōfu no Dōkutsu)

Translated Japanese The Terror of the Cave

English The Terror of the Dungeon
YGODDuel037 Chapter 37

English The Deadly Guardian!!
YGODDuel038 Chapter 38 Japanese 最後のカード!!
(Saigo no Kādo!!)

Translated Japanese The Final Card!!

English The Final Card
YuGiOh!DDuel039 Chapter 39 Japanese どっちだ!!

Translated Japanese Which One!!

English Choose Wisely!
x155px Chapter 40 Japanese 最後のかけら
(Saigo no Kake-ra)

Translated Japanese The Final Area

English The Last Piece
Chapter 41

English Duel Disk Battle!
Chapter 42

English Advance and Retreat
Chapter 43

English A Close Fight!
Chapter 44

English Hang In There!
Chapter 45

English Crisis!
Chapter 46

English No Mercy
Chapter 47

English Another Kind of Courage
Chapter 48

English To the Castle!
Chapter 49

English The First Stages of Fear
Chapter 50

English The Deadly Duelist King!
… further results


Screenshot Number Names Japanese air date English air date
DMx001 Triple Blue-Eyes Episode 1 Japanese 戦慄のブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴン
(Senritsu no Burū Aizu Howaito Doragon)
18 April 2000 29 September 2001
The Terrifying Blue-Eyes White Dragon
English The Heart of the Cards
Yugioh002 Episode 2 Japanese 幻想師ノー・フェイスの罠
(Iryūjonisuto Nō Feisu no Wana)
25 April 2000 6 October 2001
The Trap of Illusionist No Face
English The Gauntlet is Thrown
Yugioh003 Episode 3 Japanese 失われしエクゾディア
(Ushinawareshi Ekuzodia)
5 May 2000 13 October 2001
The Lost Exodia
English Journey to the Duelist Kingdom
Yugioh004 Episode 4 Japanese インセクターコンボ
(Insekutā Konbo)
9 May 2000 20 October 2001
Insector Combo
English Into the Hornet's Nest
Yugioh005 Episode 5 Japanese 究極完全態 グレート・モス
(Kyūkyoku Kanzentai Gurēto Mosu)
16 May 2000 20 October 2001
Ultimate Perfect Form, Great Moth
English The Ultimate Great Moth
Yugioh006 Episode 6 Japanese 華麗なるハーピィ・レディ
(Kareinaru Hāpyi Redi)
23 May 2000 3 November 2001
Beautiful Harpie Lady
English First Duel
Yugioh007 Episode 7 Japanese 海神リバイアサン
(Kaijin Ribaiasan)
30 May 2000 10 November 2001
Sea God Leviathan
English Attack from the Deep
Yugioh008 Episode 8 Japanese 奪われたブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴン
(Ubawareta Burū Aizu Howaito Doragon)
6 June 2000 17 November 2001
The Stolen Blue-Eyes White Dragon
English Everything's Relative
Yugioh009 Episode 9 Japanese 起死回生! マジカルシルクハット
(Kishikaisei! Majikaru Shiruku Hatto)
13 June 2000 24 November 2001
Back from the Dead! Magical Silk Hat
English Duel With a Ghoul
Yugioh010 Episode 10 Japanese 逆襲のブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴン
(Gyakushū no Burū Aizu Howaito Doragon)
20 June 2000 1 December 2001
Blue-Eyes White Dragon's Counterattack
English Give up the Ghost
Yugioh011 Episode 11 Japanese 友情パワー! バーバリアン1号・2号
(Yūjō Pawā! Bābarian Ichigō Nigō)
27 June 2000 15 December 2001
Friendship Power! Barbarian #1 & #2
English The Dueling Monkey
Yugioh012 Episode 12 Japanese 黒き炎! レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン
(Kuroki Honō! Reddo Aizu Burakku Doragon)
4 July 2000 19 January 2002
Black Flames! Red-Eyes Black Dragon
English Trial by Red Eyes
Yugioh013 Episode 13 Japanese メタモルポットの罠!炎の剣士危うし
(Metamorupotto no Wana! Honō no Kenshi Ayaushi)
11 July 2000 26 January 2002
Trap of the Metamor Pot! Flame Swordsman in Danger
English Evil Spirit of the Ring
Yugioh014 Episode 14 Japanese 漆黒のデュエル!闇晦ましの城
(Shikkoku no Dyueru! Yamikuramashi no Shiro)
25 July 2000 2 February 2002
Pitch-Black Duel! Castle of Darkening
English The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Yugioh015 Episode 15 Japanese 闇を切り裂け! 光の護封剣
(Yami wo Kirisake! Hikari no Gofūken)
1 August 2000 2 February 2002
Cut through the Darkness! Protective Sealing Swords of Light
English Winning Through Intimidation
Yugioh016 Episode 16 Japanese 激突! ブルーアイズVSレッドアイズ
(Gekitotsu! Burū Aizu Vāsasu Reddo Aizu)
8 August 2000 9 February 2002
Clash! Blue-Eyes VS Red-Eyes
English The Scars of Defeat
Yugioh017 Episode 17 Japanese 恐怖! リビングデッドの呼び声
(Kyōfu! Ribingu Deddo no Yobigoe)
15 August 2000 16 February 2002
Terror! Call of Living Dead
English Arena of Lost Souls, Part 1
Yugioh018 Episode 18 Japanese 逆右手に盾を左手に剣を
(Migite ni Tate wo Hidarite ni Ken wo)
22 August 2000 23 February 2002
Shield in the Right Hand, Sword in the Left Hand
English Arena of Lost Souls, Part 2
Yugioh019 Episode 19 Japanese 迷宮のタッグ・デュエル
(Meikyū no Taggu Dyueru)
29 August 2000 16 March 2002
Tag Duel in the Labyrinth
English Double Trouble Duel, Part 1
Yugioh020 Episode 20 Japanese 三神合体! ゲート・ガーディアン
(Sanshin Gattai! Gēto Gādian)
5 September 2000 23 March 2002
Combination of Three Gods! Gate Guardian
English Double Trouble Duel, Part 2
Yugioh021 Episode 21 Japanese 悪魔竜! ブラック・デーモンズ・ドラゴン
(Akumaryū! Burakku Dēmonzu Doragon)
12 September 2000 30 March 2002
Demon Dragon! Black Demons Dragon
English Double Trouble Duel, Part 3
Yugioh022 Episode 22 Japanese 宿命のデュエル! 遊戯vs海馬
(Shukumei no Dyueru! Yūgi Vāsasu Kaiba)
19 September 2000 6 April 2002
Fated Duel! Yugi vs. Kaiba
English Face Off, Part 1
BlueEyesUltimateDragon-JP-Anime-DM-NC Episode 23 Japanese 最強! 華麗! 究極竜
(Saikyō! Karei! Burū Aizu Arutimetto Doragon)
26 September 2000 13 April 2002
Strongest! Splendid! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
English Face Off, Part 2
Yugioh024 Episode 24 Japanese クリボー増殖! 驚愕の結末
(Kuribō Shōzoku! Kyugaku no Ketsumatsu)
3 October 2000 20 April 2002
Kuribo Multiplication! Astonishing Conclusion
English Face Off, Part 3
Yugioh025 Episode 25 Japanese 涙のデュエル! フレンドシップ
(Namida no Dyueru! Furendoshippu)
10 October 2000 27 April 2002
Duel of Tears! Friendship
English Shining Friendship
Yugioh026 Episode 26 Japanese モクバを救え! 海馬vsペガサス
(Mokuba wo Sukue! Kaiba Vāsasu Pegasasu)
17 October 2000 18 May 2002
Save Mokuba! Kaiba vs. Pegasus
English Champion vs. Creator, Part 1
Yugioh027 Episode 27 Japanese 海馬散る! 無敵のトゥーンワールド
(Kaiba Chiru! Muteki no Tūn Wārudo)
24 October 2000 25 May 2002
Kaiba Falls! The Invincible Toon World
English Champion vs. Creator, Part 2
Yugioh028 Episode 28 Japanese 決戦前夜! ペガサスの秘密
(Kessen Zenya! Pegasasu no Himitsu)
31 October 2000 17 August 2002
The Night Before the Finals! Pegasus's Secret
English The Night Before
Yugioh029 Episode 29 Japanese 絶体絶命! 誘惑のシャドウ
(Zettai Zetsumei! Yūwaku no Shadō)
7 November 2000 24 August 2002
Desperate Situation! Shadow of Seduction
English Duel Identity, Part 1
Yugioh030 Episode 30 Japanese 伝説の最強戦士 カオス・ソルジャー降臨
(Densetsu no Saikyō Senshi Kaosu Sorujā Kōrin)
14 November 2000 31 August 2002
The Strongest Legendary Warrior - Chaos Soldier Descends
English Duel Identity, Part 2
Yugioh031 Episode 31 Japanese 凶悪 重機械デッキ
(Kyōaku Hebi Metaru Dekki)
21 November 2000 7 September 2002
Brutal - Heavy Metal Deck
English Keith's Machinations, Part 1
Yugioh032 Episode 32 Japanese 時を超えろ! レッドアイズ・ブラックメタルドラゴン
(Toki wo Koero! Reddo Aizu Burakku Metaru Doragon)
28 November 2000 7 September 2002
Surpass Time! Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
English Keith's Machinations, Part 2
Yugioh033 Episode 33 Japanese 友情の決勝戦 遊戯vs城之内 (前編)
(Yūjō no Kesshōsen Yūgi Vāsasu Jōnōchi (Zenpen))
5 December 2000 14 September 2002
Final Match of Friendship - Yugi vs. Jounouchi (First Part)
English Best of Friends, Best of Duelists, Part 1
Yugioh034 Episode 34 Japanese 友情の決勝戦 遊戯vs城之内 (後編)
(Yūjō no Kesshōsen Yūgi Vāsasu Jōnōchi (Kōhen))
12 December 2000 14 September 2002
Final Match of Friendship - Yugi vs. Jounouchi (Second Part)
English Best of Friends, Best of Duelists, Part 2
Yugioh035 Episode 35 Japanese 最終決闘! 遊戯vsペガサス
(Fainaru Dyueru! Yūgi Vāsasu Pegasasu)
19 December 2000 21 September 2002
Final Duel! Yugi vs. Pegasus
English Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 1
Yugioh036 Episode 36 Japanese 攻略不能!? 無敵のトゥーン軍団
(Kōryaku Funō!? Muteki no Tūn Gundan)
26 December 2000 21 September 2002
Attacks Useless!? The Invincible Toon Army
English Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 2
Yugioh037 Episode 37 Japanese 反撃開始! マインドシャッフル
(Hangeki Kaishi! Maindo Shaffuru)
9 January 2001 28 September 2002
Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle
English Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 3
Yugioh038 Episode 38 Japanese 邪眼発動 サクリファイス
(Jagan Hatsudō Sakurifaisu)
16 January 2001 28 September 2002
The Wicked Eye Activates - Sacrifice
English Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 4
Yugioh039 Episode 39 Japanese 光と闇の融合 ブラックカオス降臨
(Hikari to Yami no Yūgō Burakku Kaosu Kōrin)
23 January 2001 5 October 2002
Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends
English Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 5
Yugioh040 Episode 40 Japanese キング・オブ・デュエリスト
(Kingu obu Dyueristo)
30 January 2001 5 October 2002
King of Duelists
English Aftermath
Yugioh041 Episode 41 Japanese アメリカからきた少女(しょうじょ)
(Amerika kara Kita Shōjo)
6 February 2001 12 October 2002
The Girl who Came from America
English The Wrath of Rebecca
Yugioh042 Episode 42 Japanese 必殺のシャドーグール
(Hissatsu no Shadō Gūru)
13 February 2001 12 October 2002
Certain-Kill Shadow Ghoul
English The Ties of Friendship


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