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Duel Zodiac

A Duel Zodiac with a Star Ticket inside.

Duel Zodiacs (決闘星宿デュエル・ゾディアック Dyueru Zodiakku) are pillars used for the second stage of the D1GP tournament in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. There are 12 Duel Zodiacs, numbered from 1 to 12, each containing a Star Ticket with corresponding Level. They are spread around Satellite, and the participants can choose to which Duel Zodiac they will go.

Once 2 participants meet at a Zodiac, they may Duel, and the winner takes the Star Ticket featured inside the main pillar. Then, the participant heads to another Zodiac, until he/she has Star Tickets whose total Levels equal 12 or more, and in that case, head to the Duel Gate.

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