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Duel winner
"Final Countdown", an example of a Duel winner card.

Anime appearances

Manga appearances

Duel winners are a series of cards whose text mentions certain unique conditions that can allow a player to automatically win a Duel.


The following is a list of current Duel winners in the OCG or TCG:

In the anime, there are also three more cards:

  • "Deuce": This card allows either player to win the Duel if they damage the opponent twice in a row; however, only one monster per player may attack per turn.
  • "Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia": During your opponent's End Phase, if they did not declare an attack that turn, they lose the Duel. This card also has an effect that allows you to negate an opponent's attack by detaching an Xyz Material.
  • "Draw of Fate": This card negates an opponent's attack and then has both players draw 1 card. Whoever has not used their drawn card by the End Phase loses the Duel.

In the manga, there is also one more card:

  • "Zero Gate of the Void": Similar to the anime effect of "Relay Soul", this card Special Summons "Void Ogre Dragon" when the player's Life Points hit 0 while their hand and field are empty, and the opponent's only way to win the Duel becomes destroying "Void Ogre Dragon".

There is also one card that only exists in a video game:

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  • All Duel winner monsters that have been released in the TCG are DARK. The only monsters that are not are the OCG-only "Holactie" who is DIVINE, the OCG-only "Creator of Miracles" who is LIGHT, the anime-only "Numeronius Numeronia" who is LIGHT, and the OCG-only "Don Thousand/Monster C" who has no Attribute.
  • When successfully pulling off an alternate victory condition in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series of video games, the game will display the text (for example) "You won using the effects of 'Exodia the Forbidden One'." Strictly speaking, this is not accurate as victory conditions are not card effects (which can be negated) but rather conditions (which cannot).

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