Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!!

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Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!! is the tenth installment of the Duel Terminal series which follows Duel Terminal - Vylon Descends!!. It is followed by Duel Terminal - Judgment of Omega!!.

Set Specifications
Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!!
  • English Set Name: Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!!
  • Japanese Set Name: 遊戯王DUEL TERMINAL「インヴェルズの侵略!!」
  • Japanese Set Prefix: DT10
  • Japanese OCG Release Date: 3 August 2010
  • Cards Included:
    • 50 Cards
    • 30 New Cards
    • 20 Reprint Cards
    • All Duel Terminal Parallel Rare

OCG Set Card Ratios:

OCG Set Card Galleries:

OCG Set Card Lists:

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