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Duel Ghoul

Duel Ghoul

Duel Ghoul lineart

Duel Ghoul linework

A Duel Ghoul, known as a Duel Zombie in the Japanese version, is a person who is stripped of their free will and thoughts after having their energy drained with a Bio-Band via dueling. They were used as the main force of the Martin Empire by Yubel. When a person is defeated by a Duel Ghoul, their Bio-Band drains their energy and they fall. They then become a Duel Ghoul themselves. Bio-Bands are ineffective against Duel Ghouls themselves, as they have no energy left to drain. Those turned into Duel Ghouls include Chazz Princeton, Syrus Truesdale, Fonda Fontaine, Vellian Crowler, Jean-Louis Bonaparte, Beauregard, Ishiki Erishi and the Blue Berets.

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