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Duel Art

Duel Art cover


Duel Art

Release date

December 16, 2011[1]


ISBN 978-4-08-782398-1

Duel Art is a book by Kazuki Takahashi containing illustrations from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.[1]


The book contains pictures by Takahashi used for cards with the anniversary layout, pictures he has posted on his website and a number of other original illustrations.

The following pages contain these pictures:

Line art

  • 77. Yugi Mutou, Dark Yugi and "Slifer the Sky Dragon
  • 78. Dark Yugi
  • 79. Yugi Mutou, Dark Yugi, Katsuya Jonouchi, Seto Kaiba and "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"
  • 80. Katsuya Jonouchi, "Panther Warrior" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon"
  • 81. Seto Kaiba, Dark Yugi, Katsuya Jonouchi and "Obelisk the Tormentor"


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