Duel Armor is the armor Yami and Yugi received in Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters. The armor has the ability to fuse with any monster.

By fusing with a monster, it heightens the wielder's physical abilities, including: enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, leaping, agility, balancing, stamina, endurance and durability. However, activating the armor will leave the wielder fatigued for a while as a side-effect; but Yami and Yugi were able to master the armor without tiring themselves out for a while.

Monsters Yugi fused with:

Joey Wheeler has also fused with:

  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon (While he was under the influence of the Blade of Chaos in episode 7. Since the Blade of Chaos was removed, Joey could no longer fuse with key monsters.)

Alexander the Great also possessed a Duel Armor which fused him with Reshef the Dark Being.

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