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The Duel Anchor trapping Yuma.

The Duel Anchor is a device worn on the wrist possessed by Kite Tenjo[1], Trey[2][3], Quattro[3] and Vetrix.[4]


Vetrix's Duel Anchor.

It allows the users to connect themselves via an invisible link to their target, preventing him/her from escaping until the Anchor's owner releases them. The anchor initially appears as a red whip (purple in Vetrix's case), before fading once it has anchored to the target's wrist.[1] The owner can disconnect the link, but the target cannot.[5]

The Duel Anchor can also be used for other purposes. Kite used it as a rope, which was grabbed by Yuma when Kite and Dr. Faker nearly fell to their deaths.[6]

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