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A Duel results in a DRAW (Japanese: ()()Hikiwake) when both players satisfy a victory condition at the same time.


  • Both players' Life Points become 0 by a single card effect, such as that of "Ring of Destruction", "Self-Destruct Button", or "Tremendous Fire".
  • A single card effect causes both players to draw cards when neither player has enough cards left in their Deck, such as that of "Card Destruction" or "Morphing Jar".
  • A single card effect causes both players to add all 5 pieces of "Exodia" to their hand, such as "Emissary of the Afterlife" or the aforementioned "Card Destruction" or "Morphing Jar". This can also happen during the initial draw of the game, which is the only way to DRAW before either player starts their turn.
  • Both players activate "Final Countdown" on adjacent turns, and then the later player uses "Pyro Clock of Destiny" to advance their "Final Countdown" by one turn, causing both to win simultaneously 19 turns later.
  • At the end of a turn when "Last Turn" was activated, both players' monsters remained on the field or both left the field. This is the only card whose text specifically mentions a DRAW.
  • It is also possible for two different types of victory conditions to be fulfilled by one effect, such as completing "Exodia" by returning a piece from the field to the hand that was Summoned by "Relay Soul".

Unlike a Duel, a Match can never end in a DRAW in official tournaments. If a Match would end in a DRAW, extra Duels are played until one player wins the necessary two Duels to win the Match.

Since ending a Duel in a DRAW tends to significantly slow down gameplay in official tournaments, many cards that easily enable DRAWs (such as the majority of the cards listed above) have been made Limited or Forbidden.

In card texts, the term DRAW is always written with all capital letters to distinguish it from the common term of "to draw a card".

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