Dragon of the Ice Barrier

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Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Dragon of Ice Barrier
"Brionac" (upper left), "Trishula" (foreground) and "Gungnir" (center)


Anime appearances

"Dragon of the Ice Barrier" (氷結界の龍) is a sub-series of the "Ice Barrier" archetype. Every member is a cover card in a Hidden Arsenal set. Following the evolution of each "Dragon of the Ice Barrier", the monsters have 200 ATK and 300 DEF more than the previous dragon.

Their effects revolve in giving advantage to their owner, by cleaning the opponent's field by returning cards to the hand, destroying or even banishing 1 card from each your opponent's Field, Hand and Graveyard. Due to the fact they can fit in almost any Synchro-reliant deck and are key cards of powerful loops and strategies, 2 out of the 3 Dragons are Forbidden ("Brionac" is Forbidden in the OCG, and "Trishula" is Limited in the same format; both "Brionac" and "Trishula" are Forbidden in the TCG).

The dragons are all named after mythologic, they have been corrupted by the "lswarm" virus, and each "Evilswarm" version has 50 more ATK and 50 less DEF than its "Ice Barrier" counterpart and have Warrior-Type "Necloth" counterparts:

Dragon of the Ice Barrier "Evilswarm" counterpart "Necloth" counterpart Name origin
Brionac Evilswarm Bahamut The Necloth of Brionac Brionac (Lugh's spear)
Gungnir Evilswarm Ophion The Necloth of Gungnir Gungnir
Trishula Evilswarm Ouroboros The Necloth of Trishula Trishula

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