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Dragon Ninja
Dragon ninja
"Blue Dragon Ninja" and "White Dragon Ninja"

  • (りゅう)忍者(にんじゃ)
  • 竜の忍者 (base)
  • りゅうのにんじゃ (ruby)
  • Ryū no Ninja (romanized)


"Dragon Ninja" ((りゅう)忍者(にんじゃ) Ryū no Ninja) is a sub-series of "Ninja" monsters consisting of only four members.

Despite being "Ninja" monsters, members of this series are not the traditional Warrior-Type. Instead, they are Dragon, Sea Serpent, Winged-Beast, and Beast-Type, allowing them to be Special Summoned by "Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation" or "Ninjitsu Art of Transformation".

All four members of this series are based on their masked counterparts (known as "[Color] Ninja" in Japanese), and each appears to wield a different golden-colored Japanese weapon.

Dragon Ninja Color Ninja version Weapon Booster Pack
White Dragon Ninja White Ninja Shuriken Order of Chaos
Blue Dragon Ninja Armed Ninja Kunai Return of the Duelist
Red Dragon Ninja Crimson Ninja Tekko-kagi/Tekagi-shuko Abyss Rising
Black Dragon Ninja Strike Ninja Tekko-kagi The Dark Illusion

Play style

All three cards are centered around disrupting the opponent's strategies and overall effectiveness. "White Dragon Ninja" prevents your Spell/Trap cards from being destroyed, "Red Dragon Ninja" returns Set cards back to the top of your opponent's Deck, "Blue Dragon Ninja" stops monsters from attacking or using their effects, and "Black Dragon Ninja" banishes opposing monsters.

Recommended cards

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