Dragon Horn Hunter
English Dragon Horn Hunter
French Chasseuse de Cornes de Dragon
German Drachenhornjägerin
Italian Cacciatore di Corna di Drago
Korean 용각의 수렵자
Portuguese Caçador de Chifre de Dragão
Spanish Cazadora de Cuernos de Dragón
Japanese (kana) りゅうかくのしゅりょうしゃ
Japanese (base) 竜角の狩猟者
Japanese (rōmaji) Ryūkaku no Shuryōsha
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK DARK.svg
Types Warrior / Pendulum
Level 6 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
Pendulum Scale Pendulum Scale 3
ATK / DEF 2300 / 1000
Passcode 21970285
Card effect types
Pendulum Effect
Card descriptions
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