Draconia (ドラコニア Dorakonia) is a TCG-premiering series of Normal Pendulum Monsters released as Sneak Peek Participation Cards in major expansions from Secrets of Eternity to Clash of Rebellions. They debuted in the wake of the TCG-exclusive archetypes, the "Burning Abyss" and "U.A.". They all have Pendulum Effects that support Normal Monsters.

The members are reptilian warriors of the Draconia Empire, each representing a different terrain (land, sea, air). They are each mounted upon large beasts (such as pterosaurs and dinosaurs). Each also mentions a specific enemy nation that those forms of troops are at war with.

In the expansions following the release of the final "Draconia" card, cards representing troops of the enemy nations have been released as the Sneak Peek Participation Cards in the major expansions. Contrasting to the "Draconia" cards, they are Pendulum Monsters with Monster Effects but no Pendulum Effects.


Card Terrain Enemy nation Enemy card
"Dragoons of Draconia" Land Reptier Kingdom "Samurai Cavalry of Reptier"
"Sea Dragoons of Draconia" Sea Principality of Dinon "Steel Cavalry of Dinon"
"Sky Dragoons of Draconia" Air Sky-State of Cxulub "Magical Cavalry of Cxulub"

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Recommended Cards