Dr. Kogami (鴻上博士 Kōgami Hakase) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is a member of the Knights of Hanoi.



Dr. Kogami is a sick man, who rests in a pod. He has tan skin and wears a grey outfit.

Inside LINK VRAINS, Dr. Kogami is a tall man, who has fair skin. He has black and grey hair and mustache, and has yellow eyes. He wears a white coat with red outlines, a dark undershirt with red stripe, some black pants and a pair of brown shoes.


Like Revolver, Dr. Kogami believes Ai to be a threat. However, since he did construct Ignis beings, he has slight regret about destroying them.


Dr. Kogami can teleport himself inside LINK VRAINS. In addition, he has superior programming and hacking skills, even helping out his son in dire need from a remote distance.



Ep003 Revolver's father

Dr. Kogami's real body in comatose state.

Dr. Kogami successfully gave free will to A.I. programs and named his creation Ignis.[3]

At some point in time, Dr. Kogami's real body fell into a comatose state, requiring his son to take care of it in his stead.[2]


Dr. Kogami approached Revolver in LINK VRAINS, who was unable to find Ignis. Kogami promised to make a new program, and suggested they could draw Playmaker out and defeat him, then obtain Ignis back.[2] After their attempt to use Blue Angel to defeat Playmaker had failed, Revolver wondered how would Dr. Kogami cope with Ignis' destruction. Dr. Kogami explained it was a painful decision, but Revolver reminded the importance of destroying Ignis and Cyberse.[4]

During Revolver's Speed Duel against Playmaker, the latter had Ai conjure a Data Storm. Revolver was glad, as this allowed Dr. Kogami to send a card to Revolver.[5] Dr. Kogami watched the Duel between Playmaker and Revolver, and wished of the latter to take Ignis back. Much to his surprise, Playmaker summoned the "Firewall Dragon" and destroyed the "Fire Prison". Dr. Kogami was still pleased, as Playmaker had 600 LP left, and expected of Revolver to take him down.[3] Dr. Kogami was surprised how Playmaker wanted revenge for what had happened 10 years ago. Specter arrived, noting how scary the fate can be. As Revolver returned, Dr. Kogami was surprised how he let his guard down, seeing it was about that incident Playmaker spoke. Revolver apologized to him as his father, and as his hand recovered, claimed next time would be different. His father stated that Revolver didn't need to think of that, and seeing how they could not retrieve Ai, he went to execute the other plan, and needed time to make preparations for that.[1]


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