DMx056 Domino City Plaza

Domino City Plaza.

Domino City Plaza is an open square in Domino City.

The center of the square has a giant clock on a pole inside a fountain. The cafe, Almondo is located here.


Participants of the Battle City tournament had to gather here shortly before the tournament began, so Kaiba could explain the rules. Yugi Muto defeated Seeker here in the first Duel of the tournament.

Yugi Dueled Jaden Yuki, who had been sent back in time at this plaza. Yugi was surprised to see that nobody else was around and Jaden realized that the clock wasn't moving. Jaden deduced that they were in a special place for just the two of them.[1]

When Paradox traveled back in time to kill Maximillion Pegasus, Yugi, Jaden and Yusei Fudo Dueled Paradox here.[2]


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