Artwork of "Card Destruction", a card that discards cards.



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Discarding (Japanese: てる Suteru) is an action that sends a card from the hand to the Graveyard.

Cards can only be discarded in two ways:

  1. By card that specifically uses this term (as a cost, effect, or as part of a Summoning condition).
  2. During the End Phase due to hand size limit.

Discarded cards do not need to end up in the Graveyard to still be considered discarded. For example, discarded cards banished by the effect of "Macro Cosmos" will still be considered to be discarded, so the cost of cards such as "Magic Jammer" can still be paid while "Macro Cosmos" is active.

Not all methods of sending cards from the hand to the Graveyard consider discard; a card must explicitly use the term "discard" for it to do so. Cards like "Hand Destruction", "Chain Destruction", "Polymerization" and "Black Illusion Ritual" can send cards from the hand to the Graveyard, but they do not discard cards.

Notable decks revolving around discard includes "Dark World" and "Fabled".

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