"Dinowrestler" is an archetype of Dinosaur monsters used by George Gore in the second season of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. All of its members are EARTH monsters, except for the WIND "Dinowrestler Capaptera".



Unlike the "Gouki" archetype whose members are composed of vaguely humanoid wrestlers in various animal-themed costumes, the members of the "Dinowrestler" archetype are all anthropomorphic dinosaurs who each specialize in a different form of combat sport.


The members are first named with their fighting style along with the dinosaur their base off from.


Dinowrestler Origin
Dinosaur Combat sport
Capaptera Pterosaur Kapap
Capoeiraptor Velociraptor Capoeira
Chimera T Wrextle Tyrannosaurus Wrestling
Coelasilat Coelophysis Silat
Eskrimamenchi Mamenchisaurus Eskrima
Giga Spinosavate Spinosaurus Savate
King T Wrextle Tyrannosaurus Wrestling
Martial Ampelo Ampelosaurus Martial arts
Martial Ankylo Ankylosaurus
Pankratops Triceratops Pankration
Rambrachio Brachiosaurus Laamb
Systegosaur Stegosaurus Systema


Card Origin
Dinomuscle Muscle
Tyrant Dino Fusion Fusion
World Dino Wrestling Wrestling ring

Playing style

The archetype heavily relies on using various effects to maintain control over the Battle Phase and controlling the outcome of the battles between monsters in favor of the player.

Recommended cards